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    Submitted Sep 16 2007 09:50 PM



Buenos Aires International Christian Academy, or BAICA, is a US-accredited international school (pre-k through 12) with teachers from the United States, many of them with Master's degrees.  Primarily, instruction is in English, with other languages, Spanish and French, being offered.  BAICA follows the North American calendar (August-June) and offers AP and advanced level classes on the high school level. Students who attend BAICA are internationally diverse, as BAICA serves the needs of the international community -- expats, diplomats, international businessmen, and missionaries.  BAICA is conveniently located in San Fernando, close to San Isidro, Beccar, Martinez, as well as the Countries and private neighborhoods north of BA (Pilar).  

Sep 17 2007 12:46 PM
My 8 year old twins started their academic experience in England.  Two years ago we moved to Argentina and tried 2 different bilingual Argentine schools, but they were never comfortable.  A year ago we found BAICA; my girls love coming to school, in fact most days they donĀ“t want to leave.  I can honestly say that not only are they thoroughly enjoying school but they are also improving academically.  BAICA is the first school where they have felt at home.  I am certain that God brought us to BAICA and has blessed us.  

Sep 17 2007 07:39 PM
This is my oldest son's second year at BAICA.  He is in Kinder this year.  Thus far he has received a wonder foundation for his future acedemic years.  We, as a US Embassy family, were pleased to have BAICA as an Embassy approved school that is also US accredited.  The atmospher at BAICA is academic, but with a family feel.  My son knows most of the students and teachers.  He is benefiting from the many diverse cultures repesented by the student population.  We are please that our son is receiving a high quality American education where he is a person and not just a number.  The classrooms have a small number of students per class, this lends to the learning experience.  Even though the student population is small, there are many school actvities throughout the school year.  We are excited that our youngest son will begin his acedemic career at BAICA next year as a preK student.  I am also the PTF president and I am proud to have my name and family associated with BAICA.  I would send my children nowhere else.   BAICA is the best academic choice as far as I am concerned.

Sep 22 2007 08:54 PM
A more wholesome environment than the "progressive" alternative Lincoln School.

Apr 07 2008 08:28 PM
We are an American Family and in our third and last year attending BAICA our son, who was a brilliant straight A student at independents school in the States and 5 times Presidential Award Fitness, was assaulted in the Baica bathroom for boys by a 17 year old Korean boy and force to eat an stimulant Korean drug. We have pulled out our son from the school and the school faces now criminal charges. When I called the principal to let her know she said she couldn't take care of it because she was testing the students.

May 07 2008 12:52 PM
BAICA has blessed my family since the day my children started attending, 4 years ago.  Teachers and staff are loving as well as professional.  I read a very negative review about the school and I know it to be totally inaccurate.  This straight A student is a B student, but it's not about academics.  He has had major behavioral problems.  He was not "forced to eat" a "Korean stimulant drug" but tried a chile pepper.  This whole incident has been blown way out of proportion and the school has had to handle it legally rather than "face criminal charges".  While all this is going on, this student's sister still attends.  

May 07 2008 11:14 PM
I just read the negative review from one of BAICA's families.  It saddens me that this family has chosen to share information about BAICA in this way, not because BAICA is perfect, because it isn't.  There is no such thing as a perfect school.  But, because the information being shared is only one-sided.  BAICA has done everything in its power to create a safe environment for all students of various nationalities.  There is another side to this story.  

May 08 2008 10:38 AM
This is my families 2nd year at BAICA.  My son has flourished and grown adcademicly and spiritually through the wonderful teachers and the loving environment that BAICA offers.  It saddens my heart to read the one sided inaccurate review below.  This child was not forced to eat drugs, but instead eat a chili pepper.  This child has behavior problems.  He is known through out the school as we are a small school.  I would hope that this review wouldn't sway anyone from BAICA.  I would not consider sending my son any where else.  He loves BAICA!  

May 08 2008 10:49 PM
We arrived to Buenos Aires last year as an expat family from Denmark with our two children having only very little english skills and no spanish skills at all. Everything was very new to our children, and therefore it was a pleasure to be welcomed at BAICA. Here we were met with attention and a great patience from the teachers from day one, so that our children could adjust to the new environment in their own pace. BAICA knows very well how to recieve new children (families) and make them feel confortable. Today, when looking back, we are more than convinced, that we made the right choice by choosing BAICA. Our children love to be in school and they especially enjoy the small classrooms with limited number of students. We enjoy the family feeling atmosphere that exists at BAICA, and there is no doubt in my mind that the content and the variety of the education is in many ways much better than in similar grades in the school that our children came from. We will definetely miss BAICA when we leave for returning to Denmark and we can highly recommend this school. We wish all the best for BAICA in the future!

Jun 11 2008 07:02 PM
BAICA is a great school for students who want to focus on academics in a Christian environment!  The class sizes are small and the focus on learning is high.  Teachers care about the students and make sure that they do their best.  

Jun 16 2008 07:50 PM
Congratulations!!! to these two American Schools. I noticed that these are the only two schools that have got an open upgrade where parents can give their opinion based on their experience and not like the other SCHOOLS that are locked, and what they only show you is what they want you to read!!