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Voluntario Global - Volunteer in a Shantytown

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    Submitted Oct 20 2006 03:00 PM

Voluntario Global - Volunteer in a Shantytown


"See, Understand, Uncover and Volunteer" Our project looks for people who want to explore the other side of a city. For those who want to understand more about social exclusion or to see a different way of living! Voluntario Global's Mission Statement: We are a Community Based Organisation who creates voluntary work projects. We work on Grassroots development in Shanty Towns that surround the Buenos Aires capital city. Our main objective is to promote lasting changes in the lives of the segregated families. We have one day programs and long term as well. Please visit our website at: www.voluntarioglobal.com.ar or Contact Us: info@voluntarioglobal.com.ar

Feb 14 2007 10:41 PM
As an expat who has been living in Argentina for the last 2 years, I found out about VG just this last November.  I signed up for the 1-day program and have now been actively involved in all their programs.  It is an incredible experience to see the other side of Buenos Aires.  While it can be very poor, or sometimes dangerous, the children and families I have met are some of the best relationships I have in BA.  Translation is provided for the 1-day program.  You can email VG (see above) to make a reservation.  You won't regret it!!

Jul 22 2008 06:25 PM
I first met with Voluntario Global a month after I first arrived to BsAs, and I kept worked with them until I left a year after, working both in their projects in Villa Soldati and La Boca. This is a way to get to know a BsAs and a reality differente than what you might get wondering the streets of Recoleta and Palermo, you get to know a lot of really really good people and you get lessons for life. Still keeping in touch with VG and knowing the value of they do and the effort they put into this, Ill recommend it to anyone within a second. A huge inspiration, and Ill definitely go back!

Aug 01 2008 05:35 PM
Me gusto mucho almorzar comida típica boliviana y compartir con la señora que cocino, su casa y si vida cotidiana. Me sentí parte de una realidad que nunca había visto o vivido. Me sentí con personas trabajadoras y afectuosas. I really liked eating typical Bolivian food and hanging out with the woman who cooked in house. She shared a lot with us about her daily life. I felt as though I was part of the reality that I had never seen or lived. I was sharing with hard-working and affectionate people.