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Casa Bell S.A.

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    Submitted Jul 03 2007 06:32 AM

Casa Bell S.A.


Jul 03 2007 06:34 AM
Casa Bell is a very reliable "casa de cambio"  , who deal with most of the British/American-Argentine community. Ernie March 11, 2007  

Jul 03 2007 06:36 AM
I called them a year ago or so. They said that I am supposed to be recommended by some of their existing clients and that they generally don't deal with strangers.   Igor March 12, 2007  

Jul 05 2007 07:10 PM
I used them four years ago when I bought my apartment.  They were recommended through my estate agent.  At that time, their rate was 1% for money being sent down and their service was very professional. Two years ago, I recommended them to a friend of mine and they were extremely rude to her when she called them and demanded to know who and how she received their number.  I then called them and told them I had recommended them.  At that time, they also had raised their rates to over 2%.  Now who the Hell knows...this is Argentina.

Sep 03 2007 01:15 PM
Hi, We just purchased an apartment in Bs.As. with a view to use it while on vacation and rent it other times. We naturally assumed as a property owner in Argentina we could open a bank account to deposit rent and pay for our expenses associated with our apartment. Much to our surprise, we have been told unless we are residing in Argentina full time, we won't be allowed to open a bank account. This information was verified by the HSBC head office here in Canada and their Bs.As. office. How is it possible, as a foreigner, to be able to have the right to own a property in Argentina but not be able to have a bank account? Does anyone know about this new law?  

Apr 08 2008 04:14 PM
I think you pay for their security and discretion....it is a bit weird if you are not used to dealing with coutts and co in England! but it is that type of institution....my guess is they are much safer than the banks