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PetsVentura Pet Hotel

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    Submitted Jul 18 2006 03:51 PM

PetsVentura Pet Hotel


PetsVentura Pet-Hotel is located in the suburb of Martinez, San Isidro, at 22 Km from Buenos Aires City. 24/7 Veterinarian on-call Phone: 4836-2290 (Office) 15 5922-0712(Cell)

Dec 29 2006 02:38 PM
It is without any hesitation that we recommend Jim Anderson and his pet-boarding service. We have had our one year old golden retriever, Ruby, board with Jim on three occasions over the past year for up to 3 weeks at a time. Each time Ruby has come home to us looking extremely healthy and happy. We have been very impressed with the way in which Jim combines a professional service with a very personal and loving approach. We love that Ruby stays in a house with a garden and that Jim cares for her in a way that minimises any anxiety or confusion by continuing her normal routine from home. As doting dog owners we also take comfort that Jim has extensive knowledge about and experience with pets and that he is willing to send updates via the internet while we're away. It's an extra bonus that Ruby arrives home having been tended to by a master groomer!

Jan 08 2007 02:59 PM
Jim, I want to thank you for getting the best holidays for Max. I must admit I was not feeling comfortable leaving him with a stranger, but as I was receiving different photos, videos or live images from my kid, I was slowing down and realizing that he was having a good time with you. When he got back home, he was not only looking better than before (his hair was no longer a mess). He came back with better manners: he was obedient, not stealing food from the table, going out to pee instead of getting the rug wet, not biting the stairs any longer, and so many little details that I discover every day. I have to beg your pardon because I was having my doubts at the beginning, and thinking your prices were higher than usual, not sure it´ll be worth it. The only reason for what I let Max stay with you is because you were asking for his papers as a must. That meant that at least you were supposed to do the same with other pets. Now I can garantee you´re not charging what we really get. Your added values are worth much more. if I ever receive an inquire of somebody not knowing what to do with his pet while going on holidays, take for granted I´ll recommend you. Thanks for everything you´ve done for all of us and make sure Max is going to spend every holiday with you! -- Liliana Piegari Cel. 15-6457-0589  

Feb 27 2007 10:04 PM
Thanks again for all you did for ruby and us. we will definitely keep in touch and hope our friends in Argentina will use your services! Eliza and Michael xx Australia

Mar 07 2007 08:16 PM
I am happy the pups can stay with you again.  I know that Sasha and Misha enjoy their time with you and they have never seemed stressed or worried.  We are very happy with your service and we have recommended you to others in the Embassy. The  Baldwin family

Jun 04 2007 04:23 PM
I'm glad he is with you guys.  I really felt peace of mind leaving him with you.  Thanks a bunch for providing the service. The Webster' family Jun.4, 2007

Aug 30 2007 12:09 PM
Primero, We use their services over 5 years taking care of all the needs of our princess Gina ( cat). Every time my cat is coming back from the boarding  she seems like she had a wonderful time. And  she is really looking forward to her next stay. We  live in  Montevideo now,   but any time we travel we choose to let Petventura and Jim taking care of Gina. I like the idea they have veterinarian available 24/7 Gina family & me Franziska

Oct 22 2007 11:50 AM
Jim is the ONLY person I have found to give such thought to making a service that is top notch. He provides a top notch service based on ideals from the U.S. and Canada and stays on top of issues going on in the pet world. He has been available for consulations and has made himself very available at a moment's notice. The vet he works with is excellent as well. I cannot speak highly enough about him or his service. Laura Ebook Moving to and Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina http://movingtoargentina.typepad.com

Oct 25 2007 09:39 PM
Cuando nos vamos de casa y debemos dejarlos en manos de otra persona que lo cuide es una decisión muy difícil de tomar, lugares y personas dispuestas a hacerlo hay muchos pero profesionales serios que hagan su trabajo con amor primero y responsabilidad después es algo casi imposible de hallar y mas cuando nuestra mascotita está enferma. Bueno, estas últimas semanas ví algo que conmovió mi corazón, una perrita labradora retriever: Pooh de 14 añitos, con una enfermedad oncológica y en la última etapa de su vida, con dolores intensos, sin capacidad de caminar ni de contener sus necesidades y con exigencia de atención permanente, y permanente es, como todos sabemos, las 24 horas del día. Por suerte la familia de Pooh eligió un excelente lugar donde dejarla al cuidado mientras tuvieron que estar fuera de Buenos Aires, en PetsVentura a cargo de Jim Anderson. Jim le daba de comer en la boca si hacía falta, le cambiaba los pañales y se quedaba horas sentado en el piso junto a la cama de Pooh acariciándola mientras ella lloraba de dolor. El canceló absolutamente todas sus actividades para dedicarse de lleno a esa perrita hermosa porque eso es lo que ella necesitaba. Como mamá de una perrita sé que es un golpe bajo contar esto, porque es muy duro imaginar esos momentos, pero esa era la realidad. Con la constante vigilancia del veterinario Jim daba todos los medicamentos y cuidados necesarios, así pasaron los últimos días de esa perrita dulce. Hoy ya terminó su dolor y puedo decir que, a pesar de llorar cuando supe que ya no estaba en este mundo, me alivió saber que sus últimos días recibió no sólo la atención que merecía sino muchísimo amor. Viviana de Capital Federal

Feb 01 2008 05:09 PM
PETSVNTURA has a wonderful and unique pet service PETSVNTURA has a wonderful and unique pet service that will fit perfectly with any expat living here in BA.  I recently purchased 2 white Westy puppies with Jim’s assistance.  He did everything from exploring for the best breeders in the country to researching the history of the puppy. This was especially difficult because Westys are very rare here in Argentina. Jim contacts the breeders and thoroughly investigates the breeder prior to meeting and selecting the puppy.  He then confirms that vaccinations are complete, that legal documents are appropriately taken care of, and sets me up with a qualified veterinarian prior to the puppy coming home with me. He will even assist in government related immigration documents for future international travel.  Jim also has a unique and safe hotel for dogs for short and extended stays.  Jim is from Canada and has been in Buenos Aires for quite some time, speaks the language and knows the sometime interesting Argentine system well.

Mar 05 2008 12:26 PM
My dog loved this place. She used to go regularly for daycare and has stayed overnight a couple times. Actually, just about all the dogs I've seen there seem happy to be there. The staff is friendly - the dogs love them. Maria Fernanda Costa