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Transpack Argentina

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    Submitted Jul 30 2006 08:04 AM

Transpack Argentina


Transpack Argentina can help you find a home, move your home and feel at home easier,better, quicker.

Apr 09 2007 10:14 AM
We used Transpack for the Argentine leg of an international move from Canada. The contact person here (Lorena) was unhelpful, rude, lazy, corrupt, and inefficient. Transpack did not help us with the paperwork we had to do here and my husband even had to go to Ezeiza to get the "goods to follow" stamp on the passport. We had to call repeatedly to find out when the actual truck would arrive. On the day itself, the workers arrived by 7.30am, but the truck was delayed for almost 3 hours on the way from the port, without anyone calling from Transpack. Once here, they didn't have the instrument to break open the metal seal of the 40 foot container, so it took an extra forty-five minutes to pry it open (with a hammer!). By 5 and with only a third of the boxes unpacked, they left. About a month after the move, we got a call from Lorena saying that we owed them money due to unforseeable costs and that we had to pay them cash immediately. As we had pre-paid for the entire move I called Canada and they assured me that this was NOT a cost we had to incurr, that it was Transpack's responsibility. Anyway, I would never use Transpack again and I told the Canadian company that I would NOT use them again if they continue to work with Transpack.