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A Simple Guide to Argentine Efficiency

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Amargo said:

naaaah, this could never be Argentine. Too much effort put in studying the problem, no amigos-relationship...nocorruption...it can't be Argentina. This is rather corporate Wall Street, I would say. Think of those nice big banks which f**ed up everything and then fired thousands of employees, before the manager got huge bonuses.

Moreover: the joke was meant for Brazil, look at the colours of the tie and also at the names on the pictures.

I happened to find it really funny, but actually in the original joke it was about a race between the USA and Japan.


Well, it describes very well the way that American banks managed the crisis with the money Obama gave them. Or Am I wrong?
Dr. Christian Rubilar


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Although it was originally meant for the US, and of course every country or company on this planet could actually be related to in this way in one form or another, it's application in this moment was actually funny.

Look at all the absolutely stupid things Argentina's government is doing to try to fix the problem of their economy - EVERYTHING except the things that will actually fix the problem.

Have a little sense of humor people!  Argentina's efforts are ludicrous!

And yes, so was Obama's idiocy for giving banks that really screwed up the world economy billions of dollars incredibly stupid because humans will act like that when you give them enough rope.  So are many things in this world so stupid!

But we live in Argentina, and that makes that particular comic extremely comical, even though some who commented were right - there is no way that could actually be Argentina because TOO MUCH THOUGHT was put into the analysis...which makes it even funnier, IMO.

Awesome Possum

Awesome Possum
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Bajo_cero2 said:

Well, it describes very well the way that American banks managed the crisis with the money Obama gave them. Or Am I wrong?

Probably some more thought/oversight would've been helpful. Ibanks were more like compulsive gamblers with no attachment to the outcome of their bets because they knew they would be paid either way. Socialized losses.

TARP was started under Bush, Obama didn't have much of a choice but to extend it as the program was already in place. Most of their free cash has come from the Federal Reserve, which is independent from the executive branch.

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