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For sale - 'playera' bike - perfect for bs as!

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I need to sell my trusty stead as I am leaving Argentina. It is a typical 'playera' bicycle with 26 inch wheels and is dark green. I purchased it new in May 2011.

It has no brakes (backpeddle to stop) and is single speed (not many hills here). It does have pedals, a comfy seat, handlebars and a chainguard! I normally use the bike to go round Begrano/Palermo but have also ridden it to Tigre and back so no problems going further afield. Although a lot of Portenos seem to think you need a full suspension downhill bike to ride around El Rosedal, this bike is much more practical. Nothing to go wrong and no parts to  steal so you can actually chain it up, go have lunch and it will be there when you return!

The bike is from a very traditional bike shop here (Nino Bikes in Saavedra) that has been in business over 70 years and the frame is gaurenteed for life.

Also included are a strong lock, an adjustable spanner (for changing seat/handle bar height etc) a set of LED lights I bought from the UK, a compact pump and some chain oil.

Price: US$100 or £60 or €75.

I'n in Belgrano till the weekend then Barrio Norte.

Thanks, Ed


Do you still have it? If so please send me an e-mail (adam.g.fischler@gmail.com)

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