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This is an independent site. While focusing on expat life in Argentina, the site does not represent the official opinion of any particular group of people. The site is open to everyone. We do not require site members to state ethnicity, nationality, country of origin, current place of residence or association with political parties. If individuals wish to reveal this information it is their personal decision to do so. Site members express their own opinions for which they are solely responsible. This site respects diversity, including the right to express diverse opinions, and encourages informed debate.


Some people have special privileges regarding monitoring site content. We have administrators, editors, forum moderators and others who may also participate in public discussions. When they do, unless it is specifically stated that they speak for BAexpats, their comments should be considered as a purely personal opinion.

For example,

Enforcement of site policies:
As an administrator of this site I want to say that we will not tolerate this kind of behavior.

Personal opinion:
I strongly disagree with you on that.

Sometimes special delimiters "admin mode on", "admin mode off" are used to separate longer passages from the rest of the message that should still be considered personal.

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