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Escape From The City?

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Mano Negra

Mano Negra
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A question I have often seen asked but not sure if I've seen answered is where one where one can go to escape the city for a few days with a bunch of friends or a couple of families. As I run a little B&B I don't have much interest in chi-chi spa resort type places. My idea of a good time is to be out in the country with a nice pool, a big parilla and plenty of common space if it rains. We went to La Sortija a couple of days ago and it provided just that. Six big airy bedrooms (fans not aircon), 2 sitting rooms and a games room, a big pool, basic tennis court and football field (for the more active), lovely grounds with lots of wildlife and beautiful old trees. You can go DIY or ask them to cook for you. It's very unpretentious and family style. Kids will be amused be an assortment of very friendly dogs of all shapes and sizes as well as the odd (very fast) pig, cow and plenty of horses. It's 5 minutes drive to Los Cardales town so easy to stock up on forgotten items or visit the butcher. And prices are accessible, 1000 pesos for a double B&B during the week, 1300 on the weekend. Highly recommended! Hope this helps someone.



www.estancialamargarita.com    I stayed there 3 days and loved it.



Mano Negra, on 04 March 2015 - 10:59 PM, said:

A question I have often seen asked but not sure if I've seen answered is where one where one can go to escape the city for a few days with a bunch of friends or a couple of families.
Thank you Mano Negra for this recommendation! I am always looking for places to go and there are a lot of rather expensive ones, so this looks like a great alternative.

Has anyone been to La Candelaria de Monte? (Not to be confused with the more well-known Candelaria in Lobos.) It looks really nice but I have never talked to anyone who has actually visited.


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Because I am too lazy to type any original content:


Edit - What the hell:
My picks would be beachtime in Punta del Diablo, fly fishing/hiking in Sierra de la Ventana, Beach towns south of Mar de la Plata, Trout fishing/beer drinking in Cordoba province, Horse riding/twitching/Dorado fishing in the Ibera Wetlands, Snorkelling with Sea Lions in Penisula Valdes, or  find an estancia (any one will do).

Mano Negra

Mano Negra
  • LocationPalermo

calray, on 05 March 2015 - 02:02 AM, said:

www.estancialamargarita.com I stayed there 3 days and loved it.

Yes, I liked La Margarita, but it was a long way away and twice the price. Great if your focus is horse riding, they had some fun criollos, but no need to go so far if you just want the quiet of the campo. La Sortija is an hours drive, just past Pilar.


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For a day(without lodging) LaPorteƱa in San Antonio de Areco at $50us is great(600 pesos is also their stated rate). You can also lodge there but obviously it gets more expensive.  The day fee includes food and all activities. I've been there two times already and it never disappoints me.

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