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Premarital Sex In Argentina

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Who in their right mind would even consider marrying a woman such as the one you describe?
Even if this nonsense is true, which I doubt, a fool and his money are soon parted.Reminds me of a certain Michael so and so who has posted here. Hard to take seriously.
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Make a deal - 1 kiss for $100,000 spent on her :D


Folks, this guy is not real.
EdRooney/pauper, give it up.

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@ben agreed - his last follow-up gave away that he's a troll. Before that, it was VERY well-played: so close, you didn't quite know if it was real or not - the perfect way to troll, just leaving enough doubt....!

It's funny: humor demands you make each iteration more extreme than the previous one, continually escalating it.... but it's a thin line: sometimes you escalate it too far, and the joke is killed.


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Show her an engagement ring, tell her to get married and watch her reaction.

Honestly, you appear to be either trolling or very naive.

An Argentinian who does not want to kiss?  If an Argentinian wants you, you have to do nothing, they let you know.

If what you say is true, yes, it is a big SCAM.  El que no afana es un gil.  That is what she calls you when she is with her real boyfriend.

Just a last question, why would you spend money for love?


This is a true life story! But it is happening in Europe not in Argentina. That´s why I am asking. I have never been in South America and I don´t know anything about customs in Argentina.
Whe have gender equality in Europe. It is hard to understand her behaviour. She says that men have to do all in Argentina. Women don´t have to to anything. Men have to work hard to support their families. Women don´t have to work. If you don´t have money, don´t marry. Men without money will stay single forever. Women are like queens in Argentina. Woman is the centre of life. Men have to do all houseworks, cook and look after children. Men have to be obedient. Wife is who rules and controls money in family.  In Europe duties are divided between partners. And if you are not rich then both partners work. It is a different philosophy, very hard to understand to european.


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Why are you people feeding the monkey?
“Champagne! In victory one deserves it, in defeat one needs it.” - Napoleon Bonaparte


Sorry Superbueno, we no longer believe you. You had us going for a whole! And now changing the story (oh it didn't happen IN Argentina) only confirms our conclusion. Have fun trolling ;)



superbueno, on 18 March 2017 - 09:33 PM, said:

why she is not at home at nights?! is it catholic too?

How old are you?
Do you ever ask her where she goes at night?  May be she doesn't like the food you cook for her.

Rich One

Rich One
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Hahahaah :D

Its a blast that some one may waste his time writing these absurd statements ,only a deranged individual with verbal diarrhea  B)
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