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    Active spanish improve communication fast

    Active spanish is a system i have developed through lots of time teaching spanish and english. Focused on improving communication it gives you the chance of interact with locals and receive feed back the first interview is free of charge please call at 48140792 or email at
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    Spanish Teachers Recommendations?

    Hello, I am an experienced Spanish teacher, rate is argentine pesos 40 an hour, you can come for a free trial class , please call at 48140792 to make an apppointment looking forward to your reply
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    Bike and spanish course

    Hello, I am a experienced Spanish teacher, I offer active one to one classes for 40 argentine pesos an hour. First interview free of charge, you can call 48140792 to set an appointmet,looking forward to your reply
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    Recoleta 2 bedroom apartment

    Recoleta 2 bedroom apartment available as from January 1st 2006 Air conditioning,internet, cable tv, microwave, phone. 1 block from Recoleta craft fair, sunny , 24 hour security Rent U$S 600 plus utilities. contact for photos . Photos alsoavailabla at...
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    spanish lessons offered

    Just arrived and unable to rent an apartment ? You have some background of Spanish but need to practica conversation? You want to improve your Grammar and understand subjunctives? Call 48140792 ask for Adriana
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    Recoleta 2 bedroom apartment

    Hello, I am a Spanish teacher renting out a 2 bedroom apartment in Recoleta one block from craft fair. It has cable tv, internet,phone,aire conditioning, 24hr security,microwave,nice view,very sunny. Photos at you have to write it on the address box or I can...