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    Are Argentines discriminatory?

    lol typical of a member of baexpats, judging others while not even takin the time to re-read their own words before posting. Clap clap clap! Damn, I hate hypocresy so much!
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    Am I the only person in Argentina that finds the term "chinito" offensive?

    Awesome! It took 23 pages, but you finally understood how things work here. Way to go son!
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    Am I the only person in Argentina that finds the term "chinito" offensive?

    As an argentine I find it offensive reading a bunch of foreigners debating on how they have superior morals (in an implied manner, obviously) and therefore how we should be educated. What can we do about this?
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    How easy is it to be sued by a nanny here?

    I don’t know where you are from but people in general all over the world behave that way. Perhaps you are more sensitive here and don’t pay much attention to people in your own country. I have clients all around the world and they are always trying to f*ck me over, just like my Argentine...
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    Dollars To Pesos

    Yeah, but, uhmm... its illegal! Way to go expats!!! You just showed how the the vast majority of human beings, given the chance, are crooked despite their race or nationality.
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    Changes I Want To See With The New President

    Anyone wanting 500 and 1000 pesos bills must have some dirty business hidden underneath the carpet. So this guy wants to spend 100k pesos on something and he doesn't use a debit card/bank transfer... mmmmmhhhh... fishy...
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    Argentine Sweets

    lol at expats who think they hold the absolute truth.
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    Semana Della Cocina Italiana - 24-30 Agosto

    I went to Siamo nel forno with my girlfriend some months ago (read about that place in this forum) and the very same moment the pizza arrived we both looked at each other with a what-the-hell-is-this-thing face. One of the most horrible pizzas ever. Thank god it was somewhat cheap.
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    Politically Correctness And Racism In Argentina

    I've always wondered, when are black people in Argentina quit selling fake jewelry and start picking up sports like football or basketball? We could use their athleticism. /joke/
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    Kicillof Pays To 92% Of Bondholders, Griesa's Move Now?

    and why didn't they agree?
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    Strange World Cup

    I don't remember any world champion that performed well in the groups stage. That and some kind of miracle are the reasons I still have some hope Argentina will win the damn thing.
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    Argentina Vs. Usa In World Cup: Who Would You Root For?

    Well, if the US players play that well I'm pretty sure Real Madrid will hire one of them pretty soon. Do you imagine how well Real Madrid would do financially if they had a player from the US??? It would be the biggest football business of all time. How many shirts would that guy sell in the US...
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    Argentina Vs. Usa In World Cup: Who Would You Root For?

    Haha. Ok, you are either trolling or are a homer. Zusi over Di Maria? Really!!! LoL. I didn't know who Zusi was before this wc but seen him play didn't impress me at all. Just another mediocre US player with a funny surname. The US team doesn't have even one player that I would say "Hey, that...
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    Argentina Vs. Usa In World Cup: Who Would You Root For?

    US starters wouldn't even be admitted into our third or fourth team. None of them, I'm sorry. So saying the US has a better midfield is a little bit crazy, even considering Argentina midfield is pretty much non-existent.
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    Scam Culture

    That was the joke, I was just trolling but apparently i wasn't a good troll because of this: