Item No.:JGMB-5000E+
JGMB-5000E+ is updated version of JGMB-5000, designed for milling cavity on ISO bank card body for different modules.
Integrated with milling, dust collection, cleaning, and depth measurement, this machine can work for B/W point detection, color sensor, QR code in the direction detection.
Optimized fixture design shortens the action time and makes the machine running fasterr, and the accuracy of milling depth would not be affected by card thickness and dimension.
Milling programs can be written according to different requirements and it’s easy to change the parameter.
X and Y the two working platform uses intelligent composition unit to make the accuracy to ±0.01mm. High accurate servo system drives guideway and screw rod to finished the operation of Z-axis and solve the problems of changing tools frequently.
Gong head motor uses special cooling way to make the cooling effect better.
Friendly software interface makes the machine to be operated easier.
Cards are transferred through belt driven by servomotor which is more safe and stable.
Depth detection on device ensures the qualified rate in milling process
Special structure and detection can avoid double card drawing very well.
Special feeding design avoids unloading double cards caused by static electricity.
High capacity magazine for 2000pcs cards/time.
Unique Vision Function can do good job to monitor the cards.
Dimension: H2000*W1500*2200
Weight: about 1200 Kg
Electric: AC220V 50/60HZ 20A
Power: 5Kw
Compress Air: 6kg/cm2
Air Consumption: 120L/min
Control Method: PLC control+PC positioning
Servo Precision: Indexing per step=0.001mm
Tolerance: 0.01mm
Operator: 1 person
Output: 4500 pcs/h
FUNCTION: Using for milling cavity matching to differenet chips on standar cards
Intergrating with the clean and depth detective function
Including 4 standar modules milling program fitting to diferent requirments with parameters modification conveniently
Specialized fixture design for card centering system protecting the depth of milling from the influence of the card thickness and dimension
X and Y the 2 seperate station can mill diffrernent profiles at the same timne ,or individually,It settles the difficult problem of adjusting the center place on two station while milling.
Z-axis moving is realized through guiding and screw driven by high precious servo motor, to provide the accurate milling depth,Special tool changing program make tool changing faster and convenient.
Cards are transfered through belt driven by servo motor,which is more safe and stability
Depth detection device ensure the eligible rate during milling by rejecting fault cards
Spcecial feeding design avoid unloading double car ds caused by static electricity
Tech Specs
Dimension: H1600*W820*L1800
Weight: about 800KG
Elctric: 2.5KW
Compress Air 6KGS/min
Air consumption: 100L/min
Control method: Servo system +PLC
Servo Precision: X,Y=0.0125mm
Tolerance: 0101mm
Operator: 1
Output: 4000--5000CPH
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