Aivo Company

In Aivo we are experts in creating customer care solutions with Artificial Intelligence to transform the way companies and their customers interact. Since 2011, we are leaders in automatic attention in Latin America.
Our main product, AgentBot, allows companies and organizations to dialogue with their customers on all digital channels automatically using Artificial Intelligence. We have solutions focused on making customers happier:

1. AgentBot: Automatic Customer Care Solution Using AI.
2. Live: Human-assisted omnichannel chat assisted by AI.
3. Voice: Automatic attention in telephone channels with AI.
4. Help: Knowledgebase with an intelligent search engine that facilitates access to knowledge in all points of interaction with the company.

We are a young company with offices in Argentina (HQ in Córdoba and Buenos Aires), Brazil (São Paulo), Colombia (Bogotá), Mexico (D.F.), Spain (Madrid) and United States (San Francisco).
Our virtual assistants receive more than 130 million conversations monthly in Spanish, Portuguese and
We work with clients such as AIG, BBVA, Visa, Sony, GM, LG, Telefónica Argentina, Movistar Mexico, GCBA, Hotel Urbano, Locaweb, among others.

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