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    Buenos Aires Tennis Club Info?

    I am in tambien!!
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    looking for a female tango partner

    still interested? I am 1,77m...
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    CARNIVAL! at Gualeguaychu

    Do you have to wear a costume?!
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    New from Germany / Hong Kong

    Hi, just arrived yesterday and already love the weather. I will be here for a few months and am looking forward to meet you. By the way: I love tennis and golf - so I am looking for partners. I also love arts, dancing (standard as well as ballett and "freestyle"). I will learn spanish in a...
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    I have an extra room- Palermo Soho.

    Is the room still available?! I am very inetersted since I just moved to Bs As and am looking for something nice to stay in.
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    Expat lunch schedule?

    I'm in as well!
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    Horse Riding near BsAs

    How much are riding classes in Bs As?!
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    Buenos Aires Tennis Club Info?

    Hi, I just moved to Bs As and brought my racket. I have fun playing tennis but I dont know if I am B1 or whatever. I just like to play for an hour or two and maybe win ;) anyone interested?! PS: I would love to join a tournament!
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    Next Buenos Aires Hash Run Sunday 14th Feb

    Do I have to confirm in advance?! How many and what kind of people are usually coming? Hw can we get back at night?