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    Where To Go On St Patrick's Day?

    Hey guys, Any irish bars around?? We are in Pilar but we can go to Capital..
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    Speech Language Pathologist Seeking Job

    Hi Ilana, I am looking for a weekly or biweekly sessions for my 2 year old son who was diagnosed with chronic otitis and hear loss (but now he is recovered and can finally hear) to help catch up with speech delays as he says maybe 3 words and he is almost 27 months old :) Please PM me, Efi
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    Furniture Store Recommendations Anyone?

    Hi all, I am looking for some new furniture (not necessarily custom made) such as sofas for the living room (3 sections), coffee table, king size bed and outdoor furniture sets (not metal or wood though). Any place you guys can recommend from experience? Thanks!!
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    Feutuccini Mario (Columbian Drug Lord Captured)

    I have eaten there 2-3 times. Very good food but very expensive, but the tiramisu is the best i've ever had!! But when I went for dinner it was never packed, just a few tables...
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    Looking For Swim & Tennis Club For Adults And Kids

    Also megatlon, not sure about Tenis though but it's a very good club with high standards
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    Attempted Home Invasion

    Its being taken care of ;)
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    Attempted Home Invasion

    Safety here is a big deal. I hired a full time body guard who now lives in. Getting a gun here is very complicated and it's one thing to have it at home, and another TRAMITE to carry outside....
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    Halloween for the Kids

    we live in Pilar and have trick or treating here. all the kids dress up and go house to house and gather candy
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    Searches at airport?

    I came in 3 weeks ago with my daughter from the UK with 5 showers and 14 taps. Lol Yes I got stopped and searched and convinced them the value was under 500 us and eventually they let me go with no customs charges.
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    I'm in Trouble; My Argentine Kids Are Now Addicted To Maple Syrup!

    You are in trouble! I have a few bottles and use for my crepes but don't share it hehe. Lucky my daughter prefers nutella which I also buy when I am out of the country.
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    international pre paid phone cards

    I am using Comfi (you buy online the credit and the price is good, and it doesnt take monthly fees and connection fees)
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    Moving this fall with kids

    Hi all, we are a young family with 2 kids ages almost 8 and 2. Live in Pilar for 3.5 years, highly recommended area to live quietly with kids and have access to the best private bilingual schools.
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    Speech and Language Pathologist

    Hi there, I just saw your message in the forum. Are you speech therapist or audiologist? Or is it the same thing? I have an almost 8 year old daughter who needs a few sessions something to do with tongue placement and teeth, referred by her you deal with that? She speaks both...
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    AutoClassica 2012.

    If the weather wasnt so crappy i would go, have my accrediations waiting for me since Friday...
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    Designers or Artist? Read inside!

    Hi all, I started a design agency, where freelance artists are wanted. I get you the job and you name your price. If the client approves- you get paid! My company will offer a range of design services, from web design, logo, fashion, graphic design, 3D modelling, rendering, animation and film...