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    Health Insurance

    I know that there have been tons of these posts in the past, but what are the current rates that people are paying for private Health Insurance? I've had a top plan at Swiss Medical for 5 or 6 years, and the rate increases far outpace general inflation. I'm now paying around 2800p/mo and...
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    Debit Withdrawal Fees

    I've tried to take money out of numerous banks/atms over the past few days and am having no luck with my Schwab card. Maybe it's just my account, but I keep getting a "you've exceeded your daily withdrawal limit" message, even though I haven't taken out any money. I called Schwab, and they made...
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    Web Site, Logo, Business Cards

    Try Jocelyn Mandryk from Foto-Ruta for logo and business card design. Very talented. I don't think she does websites though.
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    Where To Find Good Soup?

    The hot and sour soup (sopa agripicante) at Hong Kong Style in barrio chino is the bomb. Sometimes Marfa delivery has some decent pea or squash soups. I like Fukuro also. Usually the best option is to make some stock at home, throw it in smaller containers and freeze it. Then you can use it to...
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    Moving Sale.

    I'm in for the office chair, desk lamp, and wine rack!
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    Hurlingham Club Is Waiving Entrance Fee

    I'm interested in the pricing, as well. I just brought my sticks down from the US, and would like to start playing some more golf.
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    Rec/pick Up Volleyball

    Along the lines of Club de Amigos, you may want to check out I find their rates to be amongst the lowest for clubs and they offer volleyball. After spending the Summer playing beach volley in Valencia, I'm kind of interested in finding something, as well, so...
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    Accountant With International Tax Experience Needed

    Check out It's run by a expat in BA. I don't use him, but know lot's of people that do.
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    My Bank Won´t Send To Exchange4Free

    That looks like a significantly worse rate than even Xoom, which is terrible. Why would you even be considering using them?
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    Needed Smartphone

    I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 for sale. $800US or pesos at blue rate.
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    I Tried Xoom Today

    What card did you use? I've used a Chase card before without a cash advance fee. Want to try a Citi card, but they are usually a bit more sensitive about cash advances.
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    Which iphone to buy?

    You can cut any sim down to a nano sim, but need to be careful with it. Just like cutting a regular sim down to a micro sim. There are videos all over youtube showing you how...
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    Question about Portuguese language study in BsAs

    I just took an intensive course at Casa Do Brasil. I thought it was worthwhile and fairly inexpensive.
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    Has anyone used XOOM before?

    Seems like smaller transactions go through quickly and painlessly, where as the larger ones aren't so fast or easy. I wonder where that break point is, and also if it gets any easier after the first transaction.
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    Has anyone used XOOM before?

    I used xoom recently and picked up pesos at the Libertad location. The whole thing was a little sketchy for me, but I had some faith because of some friends that had already used them successfully. It took me a full week to transfer $2k US, and it seemed that every customer service rep at xoom...