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    Preferred Method Of Receiving Salary

    During my 8 years of transferring my monthly (USD) salary in Argentina I mainly used method 3, until they increased their fees from 1% to 4%. Then I got lucky and found an American with a business Argentina who needs to transfer regular dollar amounts to the US and switched to method 4. He...
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    Free streaming movies and tv shows

    Ooh, that actually looks quite good.
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    Getting around DNI with Flights

    I'm sorry, but you couldn't be more wrong if you tried! Argentines and foreign permanent residents pay a lot less for internal flights. I've taken a lot of internal flights, the last time being a couple of weeks ago, and I've been asked to prove my residency EVERY time - both at the travel...
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    200 Years Celebration Ideas ?

    Mark - you want to hook up for the theatre opening thing on Monday? It's not far from where I live! Al
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    Los paises mas corruptos del mundo

    So....the list, ranking corrupt countries - that's connected to New Zealand's historical alignment/involvement in past wars, how, exactly? Hey cabrera, here's a challenge for you - if I start a thread titled "Pink is a nicer colour than orange", how long will it take you to accuse me of...
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    200 Years

    Ha, ha, ha, ha! As always, quality posting cabrera - comedy gold! Here's a tip for you - click on your own name and then click on "find all posts by cabrera." What you'll find is a very long list of name-calling, racist, abusive and reactionary nonsense. Nothing helpful. No advice. Nothing...
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    Renting: short or long

    Definitely 'illegal'....though that doesn't mean it's necessarily a bad idea! It states in my contract that the dueño has the right to visit me once a month to check that I'm looking after the place and that it is just me living here. He's never actually been here in the 6 months since I moved...
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    Los paises mas corruptos del mundo

    I like him. Gets me laughing like a drain....which is very good for your health! :D
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    Pilão Coffee?

    Dude....get some professional help.
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    200 Years

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    200 Years

    Who says they choose to live here? I don't choose to live here....I'd be on the next plane out of here if I had a choice! And although I've made it public knowledge previously, it's not really any of your business as to why. I'm guessing that if somebody really does hate living here (as opposed...
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    200 Years

    Well, despite the fact that brocolliandtea is clearly a pretty sad individual, who probably lives a dark, lonely and miserable life and who never appears to have anything helpful or useful to contribute to this forum....I'm afraid I have to defend his/her right to express themselves here without...
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    200 Years

    The only interesting thing you wrote. Quite possibly the only interesting thing you've ever written! :-)
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    what does the "expat community" think about the Bicentenario?

    Well, to be fair on the original poster, s/he did address the issue specifically to the "expat community".....and this is an expats forum after all! No harm in us debating amongst ourselves.* ;-) * Sheesh....if only that were actually true eh?
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    what does the "expat community" think about the Bicentenario?

    Hey, it's 200 years....what's not to celebrate! That article on the other hand, isn't really about celebrating it or not - it's a critique of Argentina's political history and incumbent government. Very, very interesting and extremely well written though.