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    15 Reason Why I Like Ba Living ...

    Well, not everyone wants to take the train to Zona Norte when they just need some air out on a walk or after work. And not everyone can live in Palermo or Puerto Madero, even though those two areas have some excellent parks. It's true that a lot of neighborhoods, especially moving away from the...
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    Online notarization with no US phone number

    Is there some distinction between RON and online notarization? I’ve never heard of RON but they sound like exactly the same thing to me. Anyway they do have this page on the website: so hopefully that works for you.
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    Online notarization with no US phone number

    I don’t believe asks for your phone number, although you do need some form of ID. I’ve used it multiple times successfully in the past. One thing to watch for is that not every state gives apostilles for documents notarized online. uses agents based in several different...
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    The Buenos Aires Digital Nomad Program

    It looks like they are planning to have a 1-year temporary visa, although it's not mentioned on that website yet. From the press release last week: "El programa Nómades...