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    Mum's to Be

    HI there - I'm 19 weeks pregnant and would really really love to meet up with you all. We've just decided to stay here for the birth and will be here until at least Christmas...Annie
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    Anyone interested in a cheap sub-let of an office desk for 3 weeks?

    Hi all I rent a desk at AreaTres - a "virtual office" space in Palermo where lots of freelancers and small businesses have offices and desks - I'm sure many of you know of it already. Anyway I'm heading off for a big work trip and was wondering if anyone was interested in a cheap-sub let of my...
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    Swimming pool recommendations?

    It's closed til April 4th!!! And I can't find another one close by....
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    Exercise in BA ...without subtitles

    I do pilates in English with Thuy ( who posts on this site as well. She's amazing and kicked my ass into shape in no time at all. She also does yoga and personal training.
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    thanks will pass it on (excuse the pun)
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    Hi all I've got a friend in town who is desperate to try and play some football. Does anyone know if there are informal kickarounds or anything like that with a mix of locals and ex-pats? Thanks