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    Purchases with foreign cards Came across this interesting infographic that helps explain why giving tourists a better FX rate on plastic starts to become a necessity. Most...
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    Macri cheats, fight fire with fire

    Of course they do, they are militants. Just like the Mapuches and others they have handbooks for this kind of thing. Literally. The result: FDT overwhelmingly lost Rio Negro and Neuquen where this issue is "hot" in the PASO and are set to loose again because they are widely seen as sympathisers...
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    Macri cheats, fight fire with fire

    Let's not get carried away with fantasy here. Violent BLM and Antifa riots are not a thing here. What happens wherever you or I are from is not relevant to an Argentine perspective. There is a reason Argentina is peaceful and enjoys higher levels of security versus other countries in the...
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    Macri cheats, fight fire with fire

    Macri? An ex-President who doesn’t even hold public office or immunity? He is worth inciting violence over? (Or even getting on a bus for?) It’s illegal to protest outside a court house? Are his supporters the only ones to do such things? As for your “advice” to the president, I am not sure if...
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    Purchases with foreign cards

    If we think a little more mid-term, we can be sure that brechas come and go up and down but tourist refund schemes tend to linger. If I understand this correctly, it would replace the current and long standing scheme where hotels manually waive IVA if you present a foreign passport with valid...
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    Covid Vaccination Argentina
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    Purchases with foreign cards Introducing the "dólar gringo". Perhaps something to watch perhaps for those with foreign cards and/ or a hedge option to stay ahead of the official...
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    Guzmán: There will be no devaluation

    Last time he said that, the peso was at around 70. Now it is at 104,75. Because a change of only 48% is not devaluation apparently...
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    Hacker steals complete DNI database

    That’ll teach him.
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    How do you pay in Argentina?

    Cash is getting less common. QR code’s linked to MercadoPago or Modo are very popular and widespread now in place of cash or card since all done from your phone. Google them for info. Credit Cards and cuotas are a way of life for Argentines but won’t be an option for you until you’re permanent...
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    Is Argentina being sabotaged from abroad? “While I...
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    Is Argentina being sabotaged from abroad?

    Desperate times desperate measures. A few days ago the President and his entourage went to Tucuman to "inaugurate" a factory that won't even open for at least a year and celebrate the US$500.000 investment (that is still in the fundraising stage) and creation of 100 direct and indirect jobs as...
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    Anarcho-capitalist Javier Milei is stirring up politics

    It's official. Menem is Peronist again.
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    Is Argentina being sabotaged from abroad?

    Didn't say the armed response needs to be from aircraft :) If you have a fleet of suspicious/ problematic fishing vessels far out at sea you first need range to find and track them to have armed forces ready to respond rapidly should they come inside or close to territorial waters. Given the...
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    Is Argentina being sabotaged from abroad?

    I’d tend to agree if there were better results in this area or if they had a small coast line or larger navy. But small navy and huge coast line with little in the way of ports and airports along it... the illegal fishing boats will be back out in international waters before a patrol craft even...