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    Leaving the country late - twice

    Yes, it has happened and when they say you cannot go back, they mean you cannot go back. There is no "picking up your stuff from the apartment" trip. And Immigrations is getting a lot more strict that it used to be. The term is "falso turista" although I don't remember exactly. Bottom line is...
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    Passport and Visa

    I am assuming you know you will need both, the argentine passport —the least complicated, although longer process— and the visa which another story. It takes time, there are several fees involved and she needs to prove, among other things, that she: has a full time job here in Argentina, has a...
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    Can I return to US while my FBI check is pending?

    No need to apostille the document.
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    Can I return to US while my FBI check is pending?

    FYI, once you get it, you still need to have it transalated by a certified local translator.
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    Can I return to US while my FBI check is pending?

    The FBI requirement for visas is relatively new. A local, state, report was enough but even then it would "cancel" itself the second you entered any US territory, regardless of state of origin. I don't understand why you have to travel to pick up your report. I do it every year, through the FBI...
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    Looking for Graphic Designer

    Looking for temporary graphic designer, MAC fluent, InDesign and Photoshop a must. English native speaker or college-level fluency. Attention to detail, fast-paced environment. 40 hours a week starting September 1st-October 30th. Compensation to be discussed.
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    American Expatriation Guide

    I am a US citizen with permanent residency here. I pay taxes here. I pay taxes in the US as well, in additional to self-employment, social security and such. And that's a LOT considering I don't live and haven't lived there in a while and for benefits that will most likely never materialize. Not...
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    Foreigners and Gay Civil Unions in Capital

    The short answer is no. No buts, ifs or maybes. Sad but true.
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    getting legal...

    You need to have some kind of residency to be able to work. Even a student visa allows you to work, legally. As a tourist or a non-resident, you can only get a CDI from AFIP, which is not the same as the CUIT, which is what you need in order to become a monotributista.