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    Where to exchange crypto to peso or dollar in BA?

    You can go to most of the currency exchanges around the city. They'll have a sticker posted on their door or window talking about if they trade crypto. They'll base rates off Binance I went to one at Charcas and Bulnes, no problems
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    PJN says Secretary 18 and Dr. Rafael Alberto Espinola are assigned to my case. We'll see how it goes but things seem to be moving along
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    Anyone had Mercedes Maquieira as their judge? Any thoughts as to whether she is tough on citizenship cases?
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    Experiences in Buenos Aires

    I will just mention if you are earning in dollars and exchanging at the blue rate there is tremendous value. Even just the food, you can get a top notch meal with appetizers, main course and drink for around $12, and the same in the US would probably be $30 or $40 easily. Public transit is so...
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    Binance launches prepaid Mastercard in Argentina

    USDC is backed by Circle and Coinbase. It has monthly attestations from an accounting firm that each token is backed 1:1 by a real dollar sitting in a bank account. This is as good as it gets in the Crypto industry. Algorithmically backed stablecoins I would not touch with a 10 ft pole if you...
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    Better for kids to be raised in pueblo with population 60k in Santa Fe with extended family, or in Buenos Aires

    How much do you care about the kids? Certainly there are more opportunities in a city like BA than a small provincial town. However if they're not really "your" kids in that way and you're prepared to write them off if you don't participate in their upbringing, you could use that cash elsewhere
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    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, July 19 at MAWII in Palermo

    I will be attending as well
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    Is return ticket required to enter?

    When I arrived they did not ask anything about onward travel
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    Permanent residency - problem...

    Another option is to just overstay your tourist visa and pay a fine when you leave if you do need to exit the country
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    Thank you for your response Fatty Tuna. How hard was it to obtain the Rentista Visa basing it on Remote Work income? My reading of it was that you had to qualify with passive income from investments or rent on a property etc. Has anyone gone from tourist visa overstayer status directly to...
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    Has anyone successfully applied for citizenship without having a local source of income in Argentina? Specifically I am trying to find out if remote work income from overseas (the US) is permissible as an "honest way of living" for citizenship purposes. Is it even possible to bring in the...