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    Native English Speaking Babysitter needed

    My girlfriend would be ideal. Let me know if you are still looking.
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    Is it "normal" for landlords to have tenants pay city and province property taxes?

    I suppose you have given them a bond, otherwise just! 110,000 (US$2,475) seems a ridiculous amount to pay. Is it a large apartment or are they using gold paint. Walk away, or run if you have to.
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    Hi, I'm from Melbourne living in BA. Do we have many AFL fans living here too? I'd like to hear from you or chat over a beer about the game with the new season approaching. My number is +54 9 11 231 33 997 Demon Dave
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    Room To Rent

    Hi, I have a furnished room to rent in a delightful apartment in Recoleta. Great location in a quiet street. Close to buses, restaurants, parks, hospitals, and the popular nightlife district of Palermo. This would suit a single person or a couple. Please contact David on Whatsapp 54 9 11...