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    Need An English Speaking Hairdresser

    I can tell you I am very well trained, years of experience ... I have a lot of happy customers here in BA. Terrie
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    Prices Hairdresser

    I think it's expensive, I charge 70 pesos for men and take a lot of time, a wash can be included for free!
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    Sweet dog needs a home ASAP!

    Philip I have sent you a PM. Anuka is great with other dogs, Patrizia who kept her for the first few days has 2 dogs and it was no problem. She seems to love children and as i work from home she has met lots of people and children and just looks for a stroke and a possible hug. She's house...
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    Sweet dog needs a home ASAP!

    She is honestly the best behaved dog ever. SO loving. I'm actually in tears with worry, i just can't think of her in one of those shelters. I think it will break her spirit, She just needs a new owner who will love her as much as the love she gives.
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    Give a beautiful dog a new home, please

    Hi Folks, At present I have taken in a beautiful loving dog who was either abandoned or lost her owner in Parque las Heras. She is so affectionate and would be an amazing companion or family dog. She's great with children and other dogs. Sadly, i can't keep her as I'm going to Ireland in 2...
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    English-speaking Medicus doctors

    Hi , I have found a great Gyno, her name is Dr Liliana Voto, she{s the best i{ve ebe¿ ever been too.
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    Dentist with Medicus

    Hi Thanks My tooth has broken very low down , so maybe I will need a crown as elhombresinnombre has suggested. I'm a total baby when it comes to Dentists and never had anything big done before. Ptolemy if your dentist accepts Medicus I would love the recommendation, thanks . Thank-you all so...
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    Dentist with Medicus

    Hi folks , I hope some one can help me urgently. I have just returned from a Dentist recommended by Medicas. They have told me that i need a root canal , although my tooth is not sore, however, never having anything urgent needed before i'm not sure what i'm meant to be feeling. Anyhow, a friend...
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    Dental Insurance -- HELP

    Hi, I am with Medicus and some Dentist they recommend take it. Buena suerte
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    Hi , Please can anyone recommend a good English speaking Gastrologist and a General Practitioner. Thank-you in advance
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    Hi, Please can someone recommend a good English Speaking General Practitioner and a Gastroenterologist. I am with Medicis Insurance. Thank-you in advance.
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    BA Hairdresser

    Thanks all for the kind words. I rarely check , but irs so sweet to read such kind and positive words, Gracias beso
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    taxi to Ezeiza

    Hi, My friend got a taxi to Capital from the Airport last week and it was 130 pesos (Remise is same)
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    Great salon (hairdresser) recommendation

    To those who may be interested, It is true that BsAs is one of the worst cities when it comes to hair salons being bad or indeed the stylist lacking training. I work from my own home or go to the clients home (within geographical limits). I have trained professionally and I have many years...
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    Pepsi Music Festival 2010

    Snow Patrol are local boys from my home. I will try and find out if this rumour is true, Guest list yes please. ;-)