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    Who want free coffee beans?

    You can put them in your freezer & they will last forever
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    What would YOU do??

    I would go for it & follow your dream. I would love to do that now. I still dream of living in BA & actually have a place there now. But once you get old & too accustomed to luxuries you take for granted, it's really difficult to adjust. Plus once you get shackeled with debt & mortgage payments...
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    Cheap Spanish course

    As a student of Carl's I would like to very highly recommend him. He is extremely fluent in both languages & totally understands the "US mindset". He is very organized, a born teacher & is able to quickly assess one's level of competence and progress at the pace that is indicated. I thought I...
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    intensive spanish

    My teacher is great. I had him for a month last Feb & plan to have him again in Sept. He is Carlos ( He is an Argentine native, but lived in the US for 20 years prior to moving back to BA. He know grammar (both English & Spanish) inside out & will teach you everything you...
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    The city has just declared a Sanitary Emergency

    There's absolutely no evidence that wearing surgical masks protects anyone from getting anything. The most that it does is to prevent widespread scatter of particles when a person sneezes. If you're polite & sneeze into your arm, that won't happen anyway.
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    American gigolo living in Buenos Aires

    Nay, nay, Viviana! There are 1000's of young hot portenos who are more than willing to oblige for free. Believe me, I know!
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    Teatro Colon

    I first came to BA in April of 07 in hopes of taking in an opera at the world famous Colon only to find it under rennovation. At that time the word I heard from everyone was that it was scheduled for a grand re-opening in May of 2008. I returned in Jan of this year only to find it still...
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    Spanish Tutor

    I also was at the ILE for a month. Then I had a month of private tutoring with Carlos Marin ( ) He is amazing. He is a native of Rosario & lived in BA for a number of years before moving to the US where he lived/worked for 26 years. He returned to BA in 2006. I thought I...
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    Where do you ride a bike in BA? Seems to me the streets & sidewalks are so crowded that it would be a challenge.
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    Nice Places to Eat for Under 20 pesos

    I agree this place is great. However, it's already getting crowded. I was there at 2300 on a Sat & the line was out the door. The owner is very friendly & likes to chat with you if he's not too busy
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    Gay in BA?

    I've not heard of 'pink drink', but sounds like I'd be up for that if you have a repeat. I'll be there for a month starting Jan 15th & would love to meet some other gay expats. -- Bill
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    cheap hotels in BA, any ideas?

    Try BA4U apartments. I've rented from them twice, once in April of 2007 for 2 weeks & for the entire month of Nov 2007. I think I paid $40 USD/day for the place in Nov that was huge, nicely appointed & furnished with maid service. Check out their website.
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    newcomer 2b

    Thanks so much. I will definitely tell her you referred me when I speak with her.
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    newcomer 2b

    Thanks for that info. You're right. ILEE is pretty pricy. I'd be interested in having Stella Maris' contact info if you could provide that to me.
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    newcomer 2b

    I was just there for a month & took an intensive course at Argentina ILEE (Institutos de Lengua Espanola para Extranjeros) for 2 1/2 hours/day 5 days/week. It was 1-1 instruction & excellent. In Jan I am starting a 10-week 1-1 instruction twice a week here in Seattle where I live. The instructor...