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    Looking for a Burger!

    Hi to all, I´ve already posted information about the Alamo in Recoleta. I am working there and am personally in charge of assuring that the North American food options we offer are authentic. About two weeks ago I decided that our hamburger was just not up to par and put on a cook´s apron and...
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    American Sports Bar

    I just wanted let everyone know that there is finally a bar in Buenos Aires offering American sports. Check out our web page at or give us a call at 4813-7060. Hope to see you soon!
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    American Football Sports Bar

    I just wanted to let all you lovers of American sports know that we have just opened a new bar/restaurant in Buenos Aires and are showing NFL, College Football and Baseball. The bar is called the Alamo and we also have great prices on food and drinks. The webpage isn´t quite finished yet but...