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    Tips for traveling on Autobus

    For buying the tickets, you just have to go to recoleta stations! I went there by subte with the D line in 2 min from the center! Like that it's easier to get exactly all the bus hours and, you can choose your place in the bus etc! If you can do it, it's better!
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    Inflation over the last few months and years

    Hi, I totally agree with you! But you know, there is nothing to do against that, and it's the same thing all around the world... Anyway Buenos Aires is a very dynamic city in development, so the inflation appears a bit more faster than in the other countries! So of course it will get worse...
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    I just want to say.........

    Hi guys, Thank you for all this message! You are all Buenos Aires lovers, and thats great, you are wright! Buenos Aires is an unbelievable city! Romantic, dynamic, charming... There is always something to do or to see over here! Here is e list of the best things to do in Buenos Aires! And with...
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    Tips for traveling on Autobus

    Thanks a lot for all those advices! I totally agree with you! I went to Mendoza two weeks ago for 4 days. It's like a 15 hours travel. But the bus are very comfortable! It's a very good way to travel, because it's cheap and you can discover the country! But I do not recommend it for long...
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    BsAs to Peru by bus -- Good idea?

    Hi, It is not such a bad idea, but it is soooo long, it's going to be difficult! But anyway, it can be a good experience! So do it! And have a good time!
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    The worst pizza in the world?

    Hi, argentinian food is really nice, and to me there pizzas are crazy, with lots of cheese etc. Maybe you havent been to the good places... Have a try to "las canitas" or to the pizzeria on Plaza Iatlia in avenida Santa Fe called "kentucky pizza", If you live close, believe me they are really...
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    Visiting BA, late June to mid July

    Hi, what a good idea to come over to Buenos Aires! You will have a great time here, that's for sure!!! Don't worry about your english, most of the people here speak english, and they will be glad to help you to improve your spanish! The place you will stay is really nice! So there is no...