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    Police Brutality in the quarantine Video attached

    Are you serious? His dog has bladder problems and your reply is "he was clearly using this as an excuse". What, have you had a vet examine the dog to be able to say this? They were walking the dog around the block and the police said they could only go two houses down, which isn't even the rule...
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    Xenophobia in Buenos Aires

    I think you are forgetting the actual timeline of how fast this happened. I went to a birthday party on the 24th of Feb here in Argentina and I was talking about how I was worried about the coronavirus and the medical and economic problems that were to come. Everyone looked at me like I was a...
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    The Kiss And Hug Greeting

    Please remember it's a very quick cheek tap, not a kiss. I'm always surprised when a foreigner does a fat lip plant on my cheek! Regarding when the kissing between males started, reading the comments section here http://weblogs.clari..._entre_hombres/, it seems like the Argentine posters tend...
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    Genghis Mongolian Grill Now Moved To Palermo

    Just thought I'd give another shout out to Genghis Mongolian Grill now that they have moved to Palermo (El Salvador 5090). This is one of those pile up the raw ingredients in a bowl mongolian grill places (with tofu and lots of veggie options for vegetarians). Ask for double garlic double...
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    Indian - Thai food

    I would second the recommendations on Taj Majal and Tandoor. I've heard good things about Gran Dabbang on Scalabrini Ortiz but haven't tried it yet.
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    Top 10 Argentine Movies (?)

    Cronica de Una Fuga Valentin
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    Sorry, Iran Is Not Guilty In The Amia Bombing

    I'm stealing that title from this Daily Kos article, which references the The Nation article thereafter. As the...
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    Why Are Dollar Bonds Being Abandoned By Investors ??

    That Yahoo / Business Insider article is misleading. a. The memo was about how Argentina would try to continue paying on the restructured bonds - which I think is 90% of the original bonds. In order to avoid payments sent to NY to the 90% who restructured being grabbed by the 10% who refused...
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    What Do You Miss The Least From Home? (Ba Cast Survey)

    constant prescription drug commerials on TV methamphetamines local news overzealous police
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    The New 50

    Regarding Arafat being stubborn and refusing to accept the famous Clinton "generous offer" in 2000, the facts just don't back that up. The proposal that he rejected, was 4 separate islands all blocked from travel or trade with each other or other countries by "security zones". Take one look at...
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    Getting Married In Argentina, Translator Requirement?

    It is not necessary to have an interpreter if your Spanish is good. They will "test" your Spanish via some type of conversation. I was asked what are the differences between the obligations of marriage in my home country and Argentina - I thought yikes I didn't know I was supposed to study...
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    Chocolate Chips In Buenos Aires ??

    Also agree that Fenix chocolate is really good. I've bought Fenix at a chocolate store Theombra in Caballito. They also carry, or at least used to, Salgado chocolate which is good too but more expensive. And I remember they also had small chocolate chips there at the time, don't know if they...
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    Visa Fee To Chile, Usa Passport Holder Also W/argentine Dni

    I've run into this problem in Chile. I've been allowed in on my DNI with no problem, another time a year later they insisted I needed the pay the fee as I was from one of the "reciprocity" countries. What was explained to me by a supervisor, was that if you arrive just to Chile, you can flash...
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    Cristina Wins In Antarctica!

    I think there is a difference. La Nacion is a conservative paper with certain philosophical point of view that they stick with. Clarin is a mega media corporation whose message aligns with whomever is meeting their business objectives - which is typically expansion. "Pecado Original" is an...
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    Recommend Me A Tour For My Parents!

    I did a driving trip with my mother a couple years ago in north, that we both liked a lot. We did the trip renting a car with GPS, but there are a number of English speaking guides that will drive you around in the north such as Tracy at, we didn't use his services in...