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    Where in BA can I get a TEFL certificate? I found this two places but Ibero has a better price. In both, the classes are intensive (1 month - around 6 hours a day). I still looking for another place since this two are pretty expensive. I will let you know if I find...
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    Febreze I am using the fragancia jazmin that says it is para ropa/tapizados/cortinados. It is very strong and last for a while so I will recommend to put it on and leave the jacket hanging on a chair for few days :) .:rolleyes:
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    Where can I order a commercial sign?

    Hello iStar, I can help you with the spanish. Just send the phone number of the store where you saw the cartel luminoso and I can find out where they made it.
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    Meet up tonight @ 8:30

    I will like to go too. How we recognize you guys?? red flower :)