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    Rent in Dollars

    Indeed, just continue to send the amount in pesos to their local account and you’ll be 100% covered and compliant. Even if the rent is stated in USD on the contract, they cannot force you to pay the rent in USD or to accept any exchange rate other than the official one. In fact, by getting your...
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    Argentina citizenship as a non-resident

    It’s actually optional when you live abroad (even if you’re registered to vote at the consulate). Since last year you can also vote by post.
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    Argentina citizenship as a non-resident

    You can. You just register at whatever consulate has jurisdiction where you reside and you vote for both presidential and legislative elections. The only difference is that it is completely optional.
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    Word of the Day

    If you use it as a transitive verb (boludear a alguien), an alternative meaning is you are taking advantage of someone / taking them for a ride. Your driver used it intransitively, though, with the meaning explained by Iznogud above.
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    How to get paid for services?

    I think OP is not based in Argentina. She teaches Chinese online to Argentinean students and lives abroad. If that’s the case, Mercado Pago won’t work. However, your students should still be able to pay in USD if you use PayPal, Stripe, etc. if they have an international credit card. The only...
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    Accent reduction coach near Palermo?

    It's not. It is an intrinsic characteristic of the Rioplatense dialect (as well as others), and completely devoid of sociolectal connotations. You might be referring to the aspirated S at the end of a word when it is not followed by a consonant (such as "¡vamo'!" instead of "¡vamos!", or "¿qué...
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    Accent reduction coach near Palermo?

    I can't recommend a coach, but there is one thing I taught a friend which basically got her to 90% porteño accent: the aspirated S. Most instructors teach you the obvious stuff (like the "yeísmo"), but no one seems to touch on this topic. There really is a before and after in how porteño your...
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    Highest salaries in Argentina?

    The matrícula is generally equivalent to one monthly tuition charge. Most schools like San Andrés should be around $700-$800 USD per month, which is exactly what they cost in the 90s, so no change in USD since then. That said, during the Macri era with the peso at such an artificially inflated...
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    Western Union Change

    What exactly do you mean by "guest"? If you mean being a non-resident in Argentina, yes, anyone with a government-issued ID (e.g. a foreign passport) can pick up money at a Western Union agency in Argentina. If you mean without registering on Western Union, no, you do need to create an account...
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    Western Union Change

    For EU-Argentina transfers nothing changed. Payment options and fees are still the same as usual and the rate continues to be roughly 15% higher than the blue rate and 21-22% higher than the official rate.
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    Western Union money transfer

    I see a few posts saying you need someone to deposit the dollars cash back home. Does anyone know if WU allows sending money to yourself? I.e. you pay online with a credit card, pick up cash at a WU location in BA, you being both the sender and receiver. The reason I'm asking is because you need...
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    Sending dollars to your argentina bank account - TransferWise vs. normal wire transfer

    Just to add to this: TW fees are a bit smaller if instead of transferring to your ARS account you just convert EUR/USD/GBP into ARS for your TransferWise debit card. You can then use this ARS balance with your TW card anywhere in Argentina that takes Mastercards.
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    Lollapalooza Argentina 2020 Lineup - March 27-29

    Although I fully agree that the band is a bit dated, I do remember them having a few hits into the late 90s, such as “Vos sabés.” Vicentico as a soloist also had a few hits in the 2000s (“Culpable,” “Los caminos de la vida”). As someone in his mid-30s I’d definitely go to one or their concerts...
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    Sending dollars to your argentina bank account - TransferWise vs. normal wire transfer

    It is used in cases of extreme formality in some Latin American dialects, but not all. It is a singular possessive pronoun and is completely unrelated to the plural informal pronoun that is used in the Iberian dialect.
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    Price is Right with a transvestite

    I wouldn’t be too concerned... That trans woman is a great example to your kids. Mainly because despite how dangerous and difficult it is to be trans (yes, it still is), she chooses to be brave and show her face on national TV. Whereas you, a cisgender person with the world in your favor, choose...