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    Re: Taxi Drivers - sharp practice

    I totally agree with Paul L, be sure to stop when there is a crowd and preferably policemen. An acclaration to all of you americans: This doesn't happen to you as foreigners but to the whole population. As soon as I take a cab, I do two or three things that I highly recommend 1) Detail...
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    For those in the finance or related fields

    Hi all of you, I have change careers and I'm plentiful of finance book from undergraduate, MBA and CFA courses , I am pasting below the list of books if somebody interested please email me at I have quite a few, so we can work out a good deal if the whole...
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    Cafayate - S.M de Tucuman

    Granada I've found it, its about 198 Km...that's a bit of a stretch for my butt check out Ah, my recommendation, don't miss Tafi del Valle
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    Cafayate - S.M de Tucuman

    Granada, Maybe instead of Cafayate, you should enter the biggest town, poblado o whatever, I've never been there but all the talking complements it very much. Enjoy it Have a safe trip, Barbara
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    wanting to make some girl friends.....

    Hi Nuria, Any of the three will work, pick up once and we can meet there , all others in the area are invited to join us, what scheadule works with you? for me it would be fine around 9pm. Regards, Barbara
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    wanting to make some girl friends.....

    Hi Nuria, I'm local also from Palermo and would look forward to a lunch or dinner during the present week, I'll live you my cell so that you can get in touch before leaving. Regards, Barbara
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    Feria Americana para chicos- European and American Brands

    You can watch the entire collection hereMy phone number 1545389356 Hope to hear from you
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    desperately looking for an apartment

    I have a 3 bedroom with maid quarters, why don't you send me an email// It's vacant on July 3rd, its around 170 mts. in front Policia Montada *Figueroa Alcorta and CAvia. It's fully equiped, and furnished. I could give you a tour whenever you feel like
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    cycling in BsAs

    Chris Try the KDT (closed velodromo), located behind Paseo Alcorta on Salguero Street Parque Manuel Belgrano (Ex KDT), Palermo Dirección: Salguero 3450 (y avenida Costanera). Teléfono: 4807-7700 4807-7918/4807-7879 Cómo llegar: colectivos: 130, 67 y 102. Días y horarios: martes a viernes, de...
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    Arriving on Sunday

    Hi Shane, I'm Barbara native from Argentina and have lived abroad in the usa for some years, should you want to hang around shoot me an email at Have a safe trip, Barbara
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    Hotel upon arrival needed

    Hi GFL, I have just come across this hotel located in a trendy BA neighbourhood-Palermo Soho-, plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes. It is called five cool rooms. I have always preference for small hotels, don't know why...But the cheapest rate kicks at 90usd...
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    2 bedroom apartment in Recoleta

    Pericles, usd $ 200 a manhattan bedroom hotel? or a youth hostal? The holiday inn in Upper Georgetown/Glover Park was that and even more in low season, so you should be adding 30%+ (and only breakfast included with luck)
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    Hey Paul NL: talking about violent societies

    and you are anything but cool:), your comment is biased and completely discriminatory Please give us a break, now it's all about south koreans Were these kids southkoreans as well? And I'm only pasting the most well known and public incidents. 1) March 24 1998 Jenestoro Arkansas Two...
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    Hey Paul NL: talking about violent societies

    Pedro C I'm not re-kindling anything just discussing a current event that has just ocurred, why should I keep silent? Or do you have the right to choose and impose upon the rest of us what thread are we to discuss? Sergio, It is obvious to all of us that the cause is mental illness, my...
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    Hey Paul NL: talking about violent societies

    and let me add mad people. We might have more crimes though i doubt it and statistics are on my side but the causes are robbery, occupation of public places, piqueteros asking for a decent wages(no I don't justify route blocking), kidnapping but killing for the sake of killing very very few...