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    taking a job in ARG; some advice plz

    Bruto is what you earn before they take out money for retirement, gov things, etc. Neto is what you would have in your hand at the end. ex. you earn 3000 pesos bruto per month ---minus 100 for retirement ---- minus 200 for health (there are a lot of minuses but i dont...
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    Turno for a new DNI....

    Holas, My dni is set to expire in December, and I need a new one but do not have a current contracto en blanco. Do i need a contract in blanco. I had read that i needed that, plus 600 pesos from the current employer, and the head of the company...but from reading the comments in this thread i...
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    CDI/Opening Bank Account Account

    Hi all, I have a question. I currently have a cuil and dni, and the dni is set to expire in Dec., if i do not have another job in blanco by then. However, I was wondering does the Cuil expire??? I believe I can still be hired with a Cuil alone, but i am not sure if it expires at the same time...
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    Hey u live near me, i live in la boca but close to san telmo. what is your thesis on? also welcome to buenos aires
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    hello all, my name's becky. I'm new to the forum, a 26 yr old Kansan-USA, but have been living in BS Aires for almost three years. I live more in La Boca/San Telmo, been a little more homesick lately to hear things from afuera so, if any of you ever want to meet up, just let me know Saludos