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    A Sad Day For All Cristina Vido Detained

    You had a referendum on that in 1999 and came to the conclusion that having the British monarch as Head of State was the worst possible option - apart from all the others. Apart from Switzerland, who seem to do referendums rather well and use them as a tool of government, all the recent...
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    Advance Health Care Directive

    Thanks, Bradley, that's just what I wanted to know. Cheers!
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    Mortgages, Villas/favelas, And Gobbleygook

    @Julian #changethefinancesystem You're not a candidate in Sunday's elections, are you?
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    Santiago Chronicles I (Chile) Cost Of Living Etc.

    How things change, eh? In the 90s it was Chileanos coming to Argentina for work then after the crash it was Argentines who headed for Chile looking for the same. Now it's the people from up north.
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    Advance Health Care Directive

    (Just bumping this up) Delighted to find that most BAExpats are too young and too healthy for this to be of interest but if anybody knows anything about the legal position in Argentina, it would be a great help. Thanks.
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    Advance Health Care Directive

    (How to cheer people up on a Friday afternoon) Does anybody know if Argentina has anything like the AHCD common in the UK and USA? If not, do you have any thoughts about how people keep some control over how they are medically treated when they don't have the capacity to speak for themselves? Or...
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    Why Are We So Much More Violent Than Our Neighbors?

    With respect, I don't think the chart gives enough detail for definite conclusions to be drawn. How many deaths are, for instance, self-inflicted? I'm under the impression that suicide by shooting is culturally more acceptable in Argentina than many other places. Based on the entirely subjective...
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    Free Online Courses From Harvard, Princeton, Mit, Berkeley..

    A bit like though I believe everything is free there. Great resources, both of them: do people here know any others?
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    I Need Help With Selling The Contents Of My Apartment

    Erme- for people hoping to see the furniture I think that URL ought to read ourflatinba
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    Advance Care Directive

    What a cheerful subject for a maiden post! Well, as it says up there, I would like to know if there is anything like the UK advance care directive available in BsAs? For those who don't know, it's a legal framework to ensure clinicians do - or most probably don't do - what you intend when your...