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    Drivers Licence

    I will be in BA for 1 month. I will be driving my daughter's car. (she lives in BA). I have a current NJ license and I am reading conflicting info regarding the requirements for being able to drive in AR. with a foreign license. Does someone have a definitive answer ? Thanks you ...
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    BA real estate boom or bust

    Given the current bust in real estate through-out most of the world, what is the current trend in rental and sale prices in BA ?
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    health insurance rate up

    I am paying U$S 2280 PER MONTH for POS to the crooks at Aetna, 2 people in good health. I started with them at 760 per person in 2000. They raise an average of $300+ each year. My wife just recently added insurance in Argentina (visit very often). The cost is AR$ 700 per month.
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    Macri Cops:Coming to rob public facilities near you

    what are Macri cops ? I'm a nu-be .... are they like the Keystone cops ?
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    Las Canitas

    thanks for your insight ...
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    Las Canitas

    Hi everyone ! This is my 1st posting so forgive any fau-pax's. The projected plan is 6 months in BA and 6 months in US. (New Joisy to be more precise). I've been reading about Las Canitas as a good place to rest one's expat head while in BA. My daughter lives in Belgrano where I am currently...