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    Job and Rugby

    hey marc i am an irish expat in BA and looking to join a club in the coming weeks. have you had any luck finding a club to play with? i am living in the northern suburbs and i am looking at clubs in that area. let me know if you have found a place to play. also if you are interested in meeting...
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    6 Nations Rugby

    Hi All, I am relatively new to BA and I am looking to watch the rugby the year in a lively bar. The 6 Nations starts next Saturday with Ireland facing Italy. I was wondering if anyone can recommend good bars to watch the rugby next week. Is there any place in particular that will have a good...
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    Rugby in Buenos Aires

    Hiya, i am an irish expat and i am living in san isidro too. i am planning to join a club in the next week or two. i have a friend at work who plays with san fernando. they are not as a big a club as the other two you mentioned but he was recommending the club. have you found a club yet? feel...
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    Looking for babysitter

    Hi Mary, I'm Dannielle and i'm from Ireland. I am living in Belgrano with my fiance. I am a qualified Early Years Teacher and I work for a British International school teaching children aged 6 and 7 years. I have over 5 years experience in the early years industry. I have worked as a nanny...
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    Any other newbies around?

    Hey Garrett I am an Irish expat living in BA, been here about 6 months but only found this site today. I am here with my girlfriend who is also Irish and her surname is Byrne too. We are working in a school which keeps us quiet during the week, but like to go clubbing at the weekend. we are...
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    Looking to meet up with some other young expats in Bs As

    Hi KT I am a teacher too. moved here about 6 months with my girlfriend and we are always keen to meet new people. we are irish so we like our drinks and clubs. drop me a mail.
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    Any football (soccer) players here?

    Hi Irish, I am keen to kick ball, is there any chance i could come along next time you are putting a game together? i am living in Belgrano. thanks
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    Any Football (soccer) kickarounds?

    Hi joe, i am looking for a regular kick-about aswell. havent had much luck to date, but if you do hear of one or set one up, i would be keen. thanks