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    Yoga Retreat to Patagonia!

    7 Day Yoga Retreat at Estancia Peuma Hue November 2-9, 2008 Bariloche, Argentina A unique environment to experience the joys of yoga, well-being and a deeper connection to Nature and your Self. Sign up before August 1st and get $600 pesos off! 7-Day Immersion: Treat yourself to a week of...
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    Estancia Yoga Retreat

    The Ultimate stress-free Vacation! Experience the real Argentina on Estancia La Margarita, set in the quiet tranquility of the pampas. Get back to your senses with two yoga classes a day, massage, incredible food, and spacious rooms. more info:
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    Estancia Yoga Retreat

    (Taught in English) Join us for an unforgettable yoga retreat to Estancia La Margarita in Buenos Aires Province. This magic, rejuvenating location, surrounded by unending campo and quiet pastures, provides the perfect setting for refreshing the spirit and rejuvenating the mind and body. You...
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    try a free class in Palermo at Chakra Mio studio! Thai massage workshop April 4 & 5 Next yoga retreat: April 18-20 more info:
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    * private sessions * small group classes * yoga retreats
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    Room for rent in quiet apartment

    We're an Argentine and Yanqui with an extra room that we're looking to rent out. We live off the Malabia stop of Subte B in "Palermo Queens". The apartment faces the middle of the block so there's no street noise and we have a big patio full of plants. Wi-fi internet, cable tv, etc...
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    Room available in Palermo/Villa Crespo

    Argentine and yanqui couple looking to rent out extra bedroom to chill non-smoking female. Quiet contra-frente apartment, big patio full of plants, nice kitchen, all utilities included (except phone) WiFi internet, cable TV, etc. more info:
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    I am looking for a massage

    Hi Paul, I can recommend a massage therapist for just a massage, nothing more than a massage, only massage. He´s not a woman, but very respectful and he practices Shiatsu massage, which is done on a mat, on the floor or a table, fully clothed with no oils. He works with acupressure. Great...
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    Yoga by design

    YOGA by DESIGN Private Sessions Focus in on your goals with a class tailored to your specific needs. Receive individual attention and learn to channel your energy with more clarity. Individualized exercises to improve the body and mind's agility. Great...
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    Trade yoga for a Website

    Looking to trade group yoga classes for a website. If you're interested or would like more info please email me with your work. Thanks, Cheryl YOGA by DESIGN 4857-9591
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    Yoga in BA

    I just got back from teaching a yoga workshop in the States, sorry I didn´t reply until now. Yes, I do offer private sessions in yoga. You can either come to my studio space or I can come to your home. for an appointment call or email. or 15-5610-1272
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    Yoga in BA

    Hi Sarah, Sorry, I don´t check this forum often. The Friday class is the most advanced, but the Wednesday class is starting to get pretty advanced as well. (I have also recently started a Wednesday night beginner class) The studio is in Villa Crespo, on Villarroel 1052 PB B, between...
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    Yoga in BA

    Yoga classes in English for beginners to advanced students. Take it easy in the city. Clear your mind so it can have more space to absorb a new culture, a new language. Group classes Wednesdays 11:15am and Fridays 4:30pm Private classes also available Call or write Cheryl at...
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    great, affordable, shiatsu massage

    Hi, I wanted to recommend my shiatsu masseuse. He`s fabulous, really warm hands with great energy. A true healer. Especially great for lower back pain (and I know.) Hère`s his contact info:
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    $200 room to rent downtown

    My friend from Ushuaia is renting out a room in her apartment downtown. Right near Ave de Mayo and 9 de Julio. Lots of light, close to every subte, and affordable. She speaks english and spanish. Her name is Nayla her number is 4334-2192.