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    Looking for fun weekend mates

    Hello - Yeah I too am right there with you guys. Im from the states and always up for meeting new people. Let me know when and where!
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    Picnic Sunday December 27

    it is a gorgeous day and i would love a picnic in the park. Thank you for putting this on!
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    Would love to make some new friends

    hey there, i would be more than happy to meet either the 29th or 30th. i am also interested in what fun one gets up to for the New Year! any ideas are welcome =)
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    Would love to make some new friends

    alright ladies, i think we should set a time and place for this meet up to happen =) thoughts?
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    Would love to make some new friends

    Hey ladies, Sorry i couldnt meet up last night but i would love to try to either tonight or sometime this week. Linda - hope the movie was fun and Alison - hope the Indian food was great. Speak soon.
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    Would love to make some new friends

    Hey! I would love to meet up for dinner or a drink. If not tonight, perhaps tomorrow night! Ill keep my eyes peeled here for now though! Chelsie
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    Expats Trekking/climbing/outdoors group...

    Mike, Great post! Just like Jeff, i too moved from Colorado. I have only been here for about a week and am already kicking myself for leaving my camping gear behind as method to bring less! I would be more than interested in getting some camping together and exploring the many places...
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    Como te Van

    Hey Eric, I am new to the city and saw that you have responded to my post as well. I begin my teaching course on Monday and desperately want to learn castellano as well. Perhaps we can at least meet up to explore the city and in turn, hopefully meet some locals. I dont have a phone yet but...
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    New and looking forward to learning the BA way

    Hola, I just moved to Bs.As. a week ago to pursue teaching and would love to meet new people to get to know the city a bit better. I am currently living downtown but would like to move to the Belgrano, Palermo neighborhoods. If anyone out there is interested in exploring the city with me or...
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    Would love to make some new friends

    Hi Ladies, I am new to the city, so i would definitely love to meet up for a day or night on the town. I currently live in the downtown area but want to find a place in Palermo as soon as my rent is up next month. Any advise on that would be helpful as well =) So if either of you would like to...