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    I am looking for teachers who have extra facturas they would like to sell. I am willing to negotiate a decent price for them. If you are willing please let me know...porelmundoingles@yahoo.comThanks!
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    Banking in BA

    This may be a silly question, but I am curious what expats do about banking in BA. I know I could use an ATM just about anywhere, but how do you make deposits? Will Argentine banks allow you to open an account if you are simply there on a tourist visa? Any help or advice would be appreciated...
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    Another Californian on the way to BA

    I am a recent grad of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, lived in Santiago for a while in college, but totally fell in love with I am moving back in September to live, love, and learn. My plan is to stay a while and really settle in, but I don't know a soul so I am hoping to get plugged into the...