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    Whats involved in going to UBA

    The Spanish classes are not free, true. Foreigners can study free in the regular degree program, though. I know a Peruvian and a Chilean who study there free. They may have DNIs. I would have to check. My point is that the university does not charge for its undergraduate degree program and...
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    Whats involved in going to UBA

    UBA is free. There are a lot of people from Latin American countries enrolled at UBA and they don't pay anything. You may need a DNI though.
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    Catholic mass in English

    There is a Catholic mass in English every Sunday at 10 AM at MADRE ADMIRABLE church located at Arroyo 931. This is close to the Plaza San Martin. The website ( says that there is a breakfast the first Sunday of the month. It's...
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    Cordoba hotel recommendation needed

    Could anyone recommend an inexpensive (decent) hotel in Cordoba, preferably near the train station?
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    health insurance for 60-plus

    Bill, I don't think a monthly income of $1,800 dollars is poverty. There are parts of the US where you could live respectably on that amount of money. In Argentina it is a good income (though admittedly current inflation will erode its value). If you live abroad you can always augment your...
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    health insurance for 60-plus

    Stan, are you 62 years of age? I am astonished that SWISS gave you insurance for $150 dollars a month. That would be cheap for one person but you suggest that it is for both of you. Is that right? I know people under 66 who are paying around 800-900 pesos a month for good plans. As I said...
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    health insurance for 60-plus

    Bill, your history of heart problems will complicate matters and I doubt that you can conceal it. I have a friend who came here a few years ago at about your age. He was overweight and had a number of medical problems. He concealed the truth from the medical insurance company (one of the...
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    CAMA ADENTRO is revealing. Also try Esperando la Carroza.
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    Bed/Breakfast vs hostel/hotel

    I sent you a note on the subject.