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    Argentina Formally Recognizes Nonbinary People

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the President's own son is one of them. Or it could well be a coincidence…?
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    Bolivia accuses the Macri administration of sending Arms For Bolivia Coup Massacres

    The Kawsachun news agency was launched in 2007 during the Presidency of Evo Morales. It’s a Bolivian news agency that toes the socialist party line. The Fernandezes here are in dire straits and are desperate to make Macri look bad considering the upcoming elections in November. They have no...
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    A question about taxis

    Some unscrupulous drivers like “feel you out” to see if they can take for you for a ride literally. Not necessarily the shortest distance between two points. Many years ago it happened to me having just arrived at JFK airport. A Russian driver wanted to take me to Long Island after giving him my...
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    A question about taxis

    He probably wanted to make small talk. Being locked up in a car for hours without anyone to talk to is sometimes boring. He probably was just curious about your accent (?). No reason to get snooty about it. Would you have answered the same way if you were in a NYC cab???. Probably not. Yes he...
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    Tango in the Time of Covid

    For what is worth,…there’s free tango dancing every Saturday after 4pm in Parque Patricios park At the corner of Monteagudo and Caseros Ave. The H subway line stops right in front of it, very safe neighborhood. Unlike the couple in the video that was made before the Covid-19 crisis, It’s mostly...
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    Baby joy for travelling couple who spent pandemic stranded in Mendoza

    Finally some wonderful and happy news to come out of this horrible decease. Something good and positive to cheer about.
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    Rates for Electrician

    I recommended my electrician guy last year in a different post. I’ve known him for years. He’s super smart guy and very reasonable. I've never been disappointed. Here's the original post. If anybody needs an honest electrician or plumber in the city PM me. I’ve known them both for years...
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    Reco's on banks

    To open a bank account in Argentina you need to have a some kind of utility bill (e.g. cable, water, light, gas bill etc.) with your name and address on it. I went through this when I move to BA more than a decade ago. The Western Union or Xoom recommendations are your best options. BTW Xoom is...
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    New Law requires that 17 Dangerous Dog breeds be registered or face possible fines.

    This just came out yesterday. It requires dog owners of certain breeds that are potentially dangerous be registered with local authorities. Some of the dog breeds are well know to have a “bad” reputation. Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman, Dogo, Akita, Presa Canario, etc. Check the link to see the...
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    American Airlines cancelled my flight and booked me 18 days later. What to do?

    Sometimes other competing airlines will honor a ticket out of professional courtesy. You might check other airlines flying out of BA. e.g., Delta, United, Ar. Ar.,LAN, Copa… I did it once at the airline counter right at the airport but that was years ago. Also you might have to alter your final...
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    The Guardian: "Bard timing: Argentinian TV reports death of Shakespeare after Covid jab"

    The BBC has been having a field day with it. Something to laugh about in these horrible times....The Two Gentlemen of Corona story and The Taming of the Flu. I’m sure there’s a Charles Dickens out there lining up to get his vaccine. Hahahaha.... I've been monitoring channel 26 to see if the...
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    The Guardian: "Bard timing: Argentinian TV reports death of Shakespeare after Covid jab"

    How embarrassing!!!!....she tries to come across as a Shakespeare scholar. I’m a news junkie so I watch all the news channels including Canal 26. On Telecentro it’s channel 13. Bill Shakespeare, the Covid patient in the video bears a slight resemblance to the old bard. Hahaha.... No excuses though.
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    Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements

    I checked your source and I noticed that you left out the schedule for Argentine Airlines. (?) I can’t imagine that it was an accident. Weird. In the past I’ve flown Argentine Airlines as well as many other carriers on the list. Lista de vuelos autorizados en mayo: Aerolíneas Argentinas...
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    Coffee chat outdoors?

    It was good seeing Jazmin, Camel, and Neil. Some old familiar faces in person, but not too up close. Spending a couple of hours outdoors and having a nice chat over coffee. I was curious to hear Camel's stories of travel under the Covid, having just recently arrived from the states. I forgot to...
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    Coffee chat outdoors?

    I’m in too. Yes I can....Just like old times.