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    Diplomacy - The Board Game

    Given my member name I hope I can get in on the game? Let me know if you have room for one more.
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    Meetup with older expats

    I'm 51, been in BA since January and also live very close to Botanico. Score. But I just returned to the states for a month. Bad timing. I'm terrible at initiating these things so would love to join you guys later in January. -- Mark
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    Golf anyone ?

    I'm thinking Sunday or Monday at the city course.
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    Bottle Deposits ?

    How does this work? Do all stores do it? I hadn't noticed there was a charge until I included a bottle of beer with just a few items. The 3 peso charge really stuck out. What do you do? Keep the receipt and then go back with the receipt and the bottle to get your 3 pesos back?
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    Making out audibly with your BF/GF for 2 hours in crowded coffee shop.

    I have only witnessed it outdoors, usually in parks. So there I've never noticed the audible part. But I think it is a nice part of BA culture. I appreciate this opposing view to what is the norm is the states, i.e., the reverse of our prudish standard.
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    Bean Bag: Where can I buy the best and biggest one?

    Napoleon, Thanks so much for this amusing explanation :-) It certainly fills in that dumbfounded blank I had of not only the stores, but the multitude of people that were swarming over the area. And yes, there was a Mardi Gras feeling to the paraphernalia - right down to the necklaces...
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    Bean Bag: Where can I buy the best and biggest one?

    I finally made it over to Once to seek out my ultimate bean bag chair. Interesting neighborhood. I understand the market for fabric stores. But not the party stores with all the raw ingredients to make costumes. If anyone knows why there is such a market for those kinds of stores I'd be...
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    Bean Bag: Where can I buy the best and biggest one?

    This would be nice:
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    Bean Bag: Where can I buy the best and biggest one?

    Seriously. Any suggestions? Thanks much. -- Mark
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    So if you had a chance to bring 5 things with you to BA

    Laptop (use Kindle for Mac) Guitar & Headphone Amp Golf Clubs Camera Meds & vitamins
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    Hi everyone, newbie

    I'm hiring software engineers. Our office speaks English officially even though most people are local. We're looking for people who love work on the web. The skills are mostly PHP and database knowledge. Though there are other areas of expertise needed. Send me a private message if you...
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    Boring expats

    You can be "snarky". The original question was snarky!
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    Boring expats

    It is odd. I thought the original question was a bit haughty. Like this person was having a good afternoon, suddenly felt he found the answer to life and couldn't understand why everyone else is such a loser. What does he care what people do?
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    Dating in Buenos Aires.

    I'm a guy who has no interest in dating here but I can't wait to follow this. Ladies, please do tell ...
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    Lets be positive people

    These broad statements classifying Argentinians one way or another are very naive. My life here is limited to the people I work with and my land lady. I haven't made an attempt to make friends outside of work because I'm so busy and I just happen to be a loner who enjoys my personal pursuits...