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    Restaurant Recommendation..

    Hey Does anybody have a fun restaurant recommendaton for a birthday dinner? I had originally wanted to go to Casa Mun or Paladar but they are both booked out. I'd like a restaurant with lots of energy and good food and not a general restaurant that you would go to on any given day of the week...
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    I need Marmite

    Has anyone seen marmite anywhere recently? I wont be able to get any from home for 2 months and ive nearly r run out.......
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    Good Friday Night Drinks - April 22nd

    The key is to drink enough that you dont remember what you might have needed to confess about
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    Good Friday Night Drinks - April 22nd

    Well what's good about a Friday if you cant drink?
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    Good Friday Night Drinks - April 22nd

    I can confirm its open...just walked by :)
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    Italian Food

    Im not a huge fan of Italian food but I do really like this place its rustic on the inside and the guy who owns the place is Italian who still comes around and talks to each table.
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    Friday Night Drinks - April 8th

    Definetly need the drink tonight....its a long week when you dont have a 4 day weekend.
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    I have one in my apartment as verified by Liam :)
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    Cabañas in Tigre

    Does anybody know a good place or have experience of renting a cabaña in Tigre?
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    Regular Friday Night Get Together - Friday 25th

    Well...will he make it or not? It was touch and go if he was going to get his connecting flight as he first suffered a delay. Im sure we'll manage a few beers though with or without him :)
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    Spare Room for Rent

    Hi! I have a spare room in a large spacious apartment in San Telmo for rent, preferably for somebody who plans to stay for at least 6 months. PM for the details if anybody is interested.
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    New Expat Living in San Telmo-27 yr old woman-Buena onda!!

    Hey Neighbours I live in San Telmo too and i have an English friend a few blocks away and we'd love to meet all of our neighbours sometime. So welcome everybody and hopefully see you soon for a coffee / beer or both :)
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    Friday Jan 28th - Meet Up for Drinks - Frinks

    Great...see everybody soon!!
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    Recommendations for breast specialists?

    Yes I do have OSDE and i was just trying to decide the best place to go with the test results i already have.
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    Recommendations for breast specialists?

    Hi Does anyone have any recommendations of a breast specialist in Buenos Aires. I need to complete some non urgent investigations started outside Argentina. Thanks in advance