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    Finding work for our cleaning woman

    We've recently left Buenos Aires, and would like to help our last cleaning woman get some more work. She is going to school, but has time available from something like 9AM to 2PM or so most days of the week. She did a fine job for us for a very reasonable price. She only speaks Spanish. She...
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    Airport exit taxes

    There are such taxes, or similar, everywhere. I know Japan had a specific, separate exit tax when I visited several times in the mid-90s going through Narita. You had to do it just as you (used to?) do in Buenos Aires at EZE: make a separate stop. I just left EZE via American Airlines last...
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    remis company from capital to ezeiza?

    Just a follow-up: We ended up getting a combi using this service: Cost was AR$180 to get us and *all* of our stuff to EZE from Santa Fe and Callao. Price was quoted beforehand. Matias was right on time to pick us up. The trip took just under an hour, but that was...
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    ATM Update

    I took out money from the Banco Comafi on Cerrito near La Recova mid-week without any US$3 charges, but when I tried at the BNP Paribas on the corner of Av. Alvear and Cerrito, it tried to charge the Link fee no matter which network button that I selected (Banelco, Link, or otherwise). Is it...
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    New ATM fee

    I'll dis-confirm this fee for BANELCO, at least today. At 15:27 today, I extract 190 pesos from my US bank account (PNC Bank) at the Comfi bank on Cerrito 1535. It is a BANELCO bank. As always with this card, there were no fees of any kind, either in the US or here. Checking my on-line...
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    Are Argentine women and men amongst the worlds most beautiful?

    I've been contemplating Argentina for some time. Clearly Argentina is #1 in the most important way as my wife is Argentine. But I've been trying to formulate a statement on "all of the others". I don't have much way to compare to a lot of places in the world (US, and visits to Canada (i.e...
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    argh... visa overstay experience

    I can't confirm that one specifically, as I don't have a visitor visa. But I did another tramite at Migraciones in June for my daughter and the price was higher than the same thing for me last November. The new prices were on a big, new sign posted above the Cajas. That sign listed the 300...
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    We also got our apartment by dealing directly with an owner and offering a 6 month deposit. Our deposit and rent were in pesos because the owner didn't want it in dollars. (We assume since we offered in dollars, but they requested pesos that they were trying to hide the income. Maybe we were...
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    are you happy there?

    I'd have to say given this summation that I have the same question as BlahBlah and HDM at this point. I'm happy here because I can walk a block or two any day of the week and buy fresh-baked facturas for 1 peso (or less) each. :)
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    are you happy there?

    But doesn't this describe most people in the world? And doesn't it (at least partially) describe why they are here in the first place? They were not truly happy where they were before? For some people, they will never truly be happy anywhere. *That* is their destiny. There are very few...
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    Argentinas outrageous Road Toll

    I've had any number of people motion me across, including taxi drivers. (I'll admit, often with my daughter in her stroller.) I've also had any number of others yell and honk. I wouldn't say this is a sign of a third world city. Before moving here, I lived in Washington, DC. Pedestrians...
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    Argentinas outrageous Road Toll

    To follow-up on my own thoughts, today while in a taxi, I saw someone stop in the crosswalk on Rodriguez Pena and about Las Heras. They were most of the way through with only the rear wheels in the cross-walk. They put on their back-up lights, but a car came up behind them and didn't leave...
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    Anses - cuil

    You could always have a much worse time than I did, but when I went to get my CUIL (as a permanent resident), the particular line for new CUILs was about 1 or 2 people long at most. There were *lots* of people in the office (on Paseo Colon near the Casa Rosada), but they were doing other...
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    Argentinas outrageous Road Toll

    I agree with everything that has been said about the drivers above. I have noticed one very odd thing though, and I wonder if anyone else has. As much as pedestrians are targets when cars are moving/turning, did you ever notice how much driver's respect the crosswalk when they are stopped at a...
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    Where to Notarize Power of Attorney for US?

    Sergio, If you had read this entire thread, you'd see the steveinbsas correctly pointed out that the US Embassy specifically *does* notarize Power of Attorney. The embassy web page is a bit confusing. The original poster misread it. And I misread it as well. That's not to dispute other...