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    When I move here what special things should I bring that are hard to get?

    A selection of what people ask me to bring: Twist ties Underwear Mascara and other makeup, perfume. Electronics, like cellphones, computers, etc Birdseed (No , I'm not kidding) Jeans Vitamins Pumpkin spice Hot sauce, salad dressing Bagel slicer Curtains
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    Has anyone had any luck getting their Covid test results from La Rural?

    Today I went back to La Rural, and they had no record of my test. They offered to test me again, which I accepted, and let me wait for the results. Positive, unfortunately, but it would have been better to get that news last Friday. If you are asymptomatic for 10 days you can fly with a...
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    Has anyone had any luck getting their Covid test results from La Rural?

    Who has letters in their passport number?
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    Has anyone had any luck getting their Covid test results from La Rural?

    I had a COVID test Friday, they took my passport number, phone number , etc, and told me to get my results by texting Recibido Test to Whatsapp 1150500147. I have every day, but no answer. The City site requires a DNI or the bot won't talk to me. Any suggestions?
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    Who's got Omicron?

    I'm pretty sure I had it, my roommate tested positive, I took a test at La Rural but can't get the results without a DNI, it seems. Just had some cold symptoms, I wouldn't have thought anything of it as people get colds, you know. I have to fly out Feb 14th - I don't know how that's going to...
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    Current Dental Prices

    They don't speak English, though. I had an implant 3 years ago, cost about $700.
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    Covid test in BA to fly to US

    Had mine at La Rural, which was free. Bad news, it's been 15 hours and I haven't gotten the results even though they promised them in 6 hours. I tried getting them through the city site, but they want a DNI, won't accept a passport number. They claim they will send me the results by Whatsapp...
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    Current Dental Prices

    FYM dental on Rivadavia.
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    When was the last time Argentina was expensive?

    The first time I went in 1999 it was 1:1, and things were fairly expensive, I learned to use the bus rather than a taxi, a habit that I have maintained even through the ensuing years when taxis are relatively cheap.
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    Dollars in Uruguay?

    Can you use dollars in Colonia? We are only going to be there one afternoon and would love to not have to own too much Uruguayan money. ARS is bad enough.
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    Fresh Turkeys

    When I make Thanksgiving dinner in Buenos Aires I spend more time on the fixin's - cranberry, wild rice stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. I've given up on finding a quality turkey, and just make chicken.
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    Using Uber Or Taxiezeiza From Airport?

    I know Dante very well. He doesn't work this early.
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    Using Uber Or Taxiezeiza From Airport?

    Yes, Silverstar is expensive - a luxury. I don't use it for that reason, but if you have 5 people who all want to ride together, or have a lot of luggage, that's the only option I know of. I had some friends who bought a large chandelier, and that was the only way they could get it to the...
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    Using Uber Or Taxiezeiza From Airport?

    Call Fred at Silverstar. He has big, luxury cars that can accommodate lots of people and luggage. Tell him Lois sent you SilverStar Transfers and Tours Cell +54 911 6826 8876 (from outside Arg) Cell 15 6826 8876 (from Arg)
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    Using Uber Or Taxiezeiza From Airport?

    I and 7 of my friends are coming to Buenos Aires on various dates in November . Due to a sale by Aerolinas Argentinas, many are coming in at 4:30 in the morning. How is Uber doing now? Could we find a driver who wants to come to the airport that early? While we are in Buenos Aires, is it worth...