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    Yo amo Buenos Aires

    WOW thank you all so much for sharing your story's, hope more expats could follow you all with a story. "Everything is possible, if you want everything, you will get everything, but everything can also be nothing, its just a matter of "what" everything means to you. I'm a simple men,who loves...
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    Yo amo Buenos Aires

    Dear expats, When I was 25 years old I immigrated to Buenos Aires, just because an amercain lady on my former job informed me about a job on Monsterboard as an ICT-er. Well I just applied to that job for the fun, just to see if I could get it.. I got the job and started the immigration process...
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    Tap water doesnt quench thirst

    Thank you all for the information about tapwater! Well, I will tell you a story about tapwater and you can do whatever you want with this informtion okay. I started to drink tapwater in Buenos Aires, and slowly I started to get problems with my gumms, it started to irritate and got infected...
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    Police harassment in BA?

    Especially for everyone of you that loves Buenos Aires like I do! Thats me singing about my city Buenos Aires. This is a song that I wrote about the economy that broke down in Buenos Aires in 2001. This is for every one of you! Love out of Amsterdam...
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    How many of you made the move to Argentina solo?

    Hi MRBart! Dont be anxious, because it is going to change your life forever. Ive moved from Amsterdam (the netherlands) to Argentina Buenos Aires, it was the best thing I've ever did. You will be fine:-)
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    Looking into moving back, requesting input...

    Erika! I would recommend you to go back and live again in Argentina. Argentina is doing better these days, however if youre going to do that, be sure that you have arranged a job before going:-) The people are great as you know in Argentina, and its still beautifull. I live in Amsterdam (Europe)...
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    advice to get from EZE to Recoleta

    Hi Takgirl, The best thing what you could do: From the airport make sure you get radiotaxi. Thats the safest and cheapest. Best Wishes, Duncan Mitchel
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    What are the best job options to make enough money to stay in BA?

    I just want to say to everybody follow your dreams, and don’t let drama, ore interruptions take away the fun that you have. In time you will bump in to some obstacles, but that’s a good thing. Buenos Aires is a great city; the Argentinean people are great. When I immigrated to Buenos...
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    What are the best job options to make enough money to stay in BA?

    I don’t agree with auntieapple. I think that it is very hot to just go some where without thinking to much. Let's face it, I mean if you think to pessimistic, you’re not living your life to the fullest. Why do people take such...