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    Argentina police records and tramite number

    Hi all, I was about to reserve my appointment online through the migrations Web site to start my residency process but after I clicked on "Obtenga su turno online (reserve your appointment online)" and selected my province and municipality, I came to a page where it said the antecedentes...
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    Babysitter needed!

    Hi, I'm a 24 year old professional recruiter working for an American search firm. I've been living in Buenos Aires for 2 years now with plans to stay long-term. I am fluent in both Spanish and English and have Dual degrees from an American university in Spanish literature and grammar and Labor...
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    Stanley Cup Final, Pens vs. Red Wings

    Does anyone know where I can catch Game 7 tonight of the Stanley Cup final besides the Alamo Bar?
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    Office work for English Speakers with Possibility of Travel (Capital Federal)

    could you please email me further details about this position? Thank you!
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    Buying health insurance in BsAs

    I was wondering if anyone who knows about the health care system there could tell me if there is a way to purchase a private insurance plan without having a visa ? I'll be entering on the 3 month tourist visa and and hope to land a job with a company that will sponsor me for a work visa. I'm...
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    Work Visa

    I'll be moving to Buenos Aires on June 12 and will be entering using the 3 month tourist visa. Within those 3 months I will be looking to solidify a job here before the temporary visa expires. I am currently getting all of my official documents in the U.S. apostillied (birth certificate and...
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    Jobs in BsAs!

    Hey everyone, I'll be graduating in May from my university in the U.S. and will be moving back to BsAs on June 11, 2008. I've been applying/searching for jobs with American companies with branches in Buenos Aires but haven't had a whole lot of luck.While i was there visiting in march during my...
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    Furnished One Bedroom Apartment in Palermo‏

    Hi, I'm an American who will be graduating from college in may and will be moving to Buenos Aires on a long-term basis beginning in June. I am interested in seeing some more photos of your place. My email is Thanks!
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    Newcomer to Baires

    Hi all. I'll be moving to Buenos Aires at the end of May/early June upon graduating from The Pennsylvania State University. From July 2007-January 2008 I spent a semester studying abroad with an American institute in Buenos Aires and absolutely fell in love the with culture and people. After...