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    Female Professor Needs Apartment In Ba From Dec 4 To Dec 24.

    Female professor from Kenyon College needs a place to stay in BA between Dec 4th through Dec 24th. Please reply to me for contact info. Thanks, Alan
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    Female Professor Needs Apartment In Ba From Dec 4 To Dec 24.

    Will also share or rent a room if necessary. Willing to pay up to $500 for the duration.
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    Rare imported delicacies found at Carrefour in Corrientes

    Carrefour also offers Haagen-Dazs ice cream. If you are willing to pay 52 pesos for about a pint, it is there. I know BA has great heladerías but it was still a treat to take home a pint of Haagen-Dazs.
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    Getting support for my MacBook Pro?

    I had a problem with my MacBook Pro. Apple could not solve the problem by telephone. I went to the One-click Store on Honduras (this was October 2011) in Palermo Soho. The tech guy there fixed the problem in five minutes. He told me he was supposed to charge me but would not. How much more could...
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    I have not been abroad for a long cannot use a debit card from an Argentine bank abroad? It that true? If true, I am going to close my accounts before I am completely corralled.
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    Kosher apts (+ food)

    I went to Villa Crespo and ate at a place called La Crespo at Thames 612. I would recommend their hot pastrami sandwich. That's all I've got.
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    Can you undo a signed rental contract?

    At one time, contracts written for anything other than pesos were illegal (2003-2005 or so). All dollar amounts were converted to pesos in the contract. I believe the law has changed but I am not up on that.
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    How do you get dollars in BA?

    It is not an extortion? You are paying at the highest-possible black market rate. There are other landlords who are more reasonable than that. My landlord accepts PayPal for example. She gets her payment in US dollars and I am not paying any more than my agreed upon rental fee. Other landlords...
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    How do you get dollars in BA?

    I would find a new landlord. Some landlords are using the official rate and others are willing to split the difference between the official rate and the parallel market rate. 4800 pesos for $US 800 is an extortion. I would just find another apartment and deal with someone who is more reasonable.
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    Argentine withdraw 120$ Million per day from dollar accounts

    In late 2001, a peso was worth one dollar as it had been since almost 1989. Most people did not distinguish between the peso and the dollar (check out the movie from 2000 "Nine Queens," for example--they refer to pesos as mangos (bucks)). Most people kept their money in peso accounts because the...
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    Apartment Needed June 30th - July 28th

    Hi, I am looking to rent a one-bedroom furnished apartment for the month of July (dates specified above). My cell number is 1141796723. Please call if you have something. Thanks, Alan Hirsch
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    How to watch US TV

    The best way to get US TV is to leave your cable or satellite service on and buy a device that will receive all your channels via WiFi (an IPad or other tablet is the perfect device). If you are going to be here long term, you can subscribe to Netflix and use a cloaking device so Netflix won't...
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    Detroit Red Wings - Any other fans around?

    I would like to come over to someone's place to watch a game and talk hockey. I am a huge fan of the NHL. I especially like the Flyers but have a working knowledge of the entire league and its players. For example, anyone able to reel off the Leafs' second line? Or where the faceoff goes if the...
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    Sending stuff home

    I would like to send stuff home too. Please don't tell me about DHL or FedEx. I am looking for something more economical--like a boat. Anyone know of a way to send 50-100 lbs of stuff to the US without paying an arm and a leg (un ojo de la cara)?
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    Has anyone used XOOM before?

    I used to use Xoom and we received $ US dollars. However, since the law of Oct 29, 2011 regarding obtaining dollars, I have used Xoom twice--both times receiving the money in pesos. The service is quick and reliable if you don't mind receiving your cash in pesos.