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    Phone for Sale -- 90 pesos

    Hi! I'm selling my phone that I bought 5 months ago, when i first arrived in Argentina. I'm leaving to go back to New York in about 2 weeks, and I'd like to sell it for a little bit of money. It's a small, black LG--clean, and working perfectly. You can't take pictures, videos, or check your...
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    130 dollar sting on entering the country

    I believe it starts January 2009, but I could be wrong. Best to give the embassy a call.
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    Arriving in December

    Hi! you don't need a visa to work at the english institutes in BA, although some recommend that you "try to apply for one," during your stay. Most of the work you will find, at least in the city, is through institutes that basically rent you out to companies that want their employees to learn...
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    Anyone want to go to Patagonia?

    Hey, I'm trying to find a few people to go packing around Patagonia with. I'm not looking to break any records hiking, but i like to be outdoors, and really just want to get out there. I'm a 23 year old female, and hoping to leave next month. Let me know if your interested, or if you are...
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    Birth control pills

    Hey everyone, I need to buy a few packs of my generic Birth Control pills here in BA, but i don't know where to start. Do i need a prescription? Can i buy them at the Pharmacy? Can someone give me some advice. I'm hoping to remain un-pregnant for the next little while. Thanks!
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    Women's Soccer/Football

    Hi Guys, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a coed, or women's soccer league in BA. There doesn't seem to be a lot of sports leagues for women here, so i'm looking to join or start one. If anyone's interested, let me know. Thanks!
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    Does anyone know if they sell BareMinerals in BA? It's the only brand i use, i can't seem to find it anywhere! Thanks.