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    Queenies for a Pedicure??

    They're great for the former but not the latter! I'm with you on that - though they do serve you coffee/tea/refreshments, have a great intl magazine collection, etc!
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    Queenies for a Pedicure??

    A tad pricey but usually well worth it! Great imported polish collection!
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    Books in English

    Anyone know of a good spot that pays well for books in English? Have a good amount that are like new - hoping to sell and not have to travel with the weight. Any suggestions besides Walrus in San Telmo would be greatly appreciated! Desde ya muchas gracias!
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    ISO: Certified Translator

    My husband and I used a public certified translator to do all our official translations for our marriage papers - You can try her, just PM'ed you her contact info. Best of luck!
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    has anyone changed to dollars 7-1?

    6.3 is the best rate I've heard recently - Best of luck!
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    Gorgeous Organza Vera Wang Wedding Gown for Sale from New York

    Agreed! Tried the first time with no luck.. Photos can also be seen here: PM me for more detailed photos/have a vimeo snippet too that shows it from the wedding
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    Gorgeous Organza Vera Wang Wedding Gown for Sale from New York

    Gorgeous Organza One Shoulder Vera Wang Wedding Gown for Sale Bought in New York Wore only for a few hours for the indoor chapel ceremony and long several course dinner, no dancing (save for the entrance waltz) nor typical throwing of the bride. Have carefully stored since. -- Beautiful...
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    1.5 Years in BA

    Yes, I just completed mine in the end of July for permanent residency/dual citizenship. However, I qualified as an immediate relative of an Argentine - not sure about the papers needed for job related residency. If there's something specific you're trying to figure out, shoot me a PM and if I...
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    1.5 Years in BA

    Indeed! Coincidentally we just were approved for my Argentine husband's visa to go back to the US. So we'll be packing up soon, and hoping to find other cross cultural/bilingual couples there - fingers crossed!
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    Tipping Beauty Salon Folks?

    Yes, Argies typically use the 10% tip rule for restaurants too - The american in me always leaves a little more though!
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    Eyebrow waxing

    I always go to the Cerini on Marcelo T (Barrio Norte) for everything from color to brows -- always do an excellent job and are very reasonably priced. Great value!
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    I need a hair dresser

    Dario at Cerini location on Marcelo T is the best for color - Perfectionist and consistent every time. Have been going to him for months - super sweet disposition too!
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    American Express and USD Travel cheqies

    puvenlee - I was about to go to the Amex for a similar question. To clarify, you wanted to buy TC in USD and they said that wasn't possible. Ever so slight technicality but do you know if it's possible to buy them in pesos, and cash them out in USD in the US/overseas? I saw Arg HSBC is...
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    Spanish teacher -recommendations?

    If you're open to small classes, I'd strongly recommend looking at CUI here in the city. They also have one-on-one instructor/tutor posts, though I think the small classes allow you to learn even more. They have several locations and tons of schedules, in addition to excellent professors and...
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    Best Croissants in Buenos Aires

    Great new little spot opened up in Recoleta - definitely worth a trip: Sasha Pasteles. It's on the cross of Junin and Juncal - doesn't look like anything extraordinary, but once you try their pastries, you'll find any excuse to go back! At least I do ;)